We have a variety of committees available so every member has a place to get involved. Remember, the club thrives on the participation of its members. The more people pitch in to help, the more rewarding the club experience will be. Each committee has one or more committee chairs to guide you so you are never going it along. See something that interests you? Contact the committee chair and ask how you can help!

Educational pre-programs

Chair: Board
At 6:30 on most meeting days, we have a short educational pre-program. These mini programs are presented by one or more members and teach anything from camera basics to photo editing to framing and more. While the existing pre-programs are wonderful, new ideas and faces help keep things fresh. Have an idea for a program you'd like to see? Have a skill you'd like to teach? Let the board know!


Chair: Board
The main program is the core of the club meetings. While about half of them are taken up by competition results viewings, that still leaves one each month of the club year to fill. Most of the work of setting up the schedule is done during the summer but ideas are welcome all year long.

Field trips and photo ops

Chairs: Shirley & Doyle Gates
In addition to our twice monthly meetings, club members love to get together on photo field trips. Some trips are specific to events while others are seasonal or just because. If you have an idea for a field trip or want to help with planning, Shirley and Doyle are the ones to talk to.

Community volunteer events

Chairs: Paul Schoenfeld
Throughout the year, the club volunteers to photograph various charity and community events as our way of giving back to the community. While we retain copyright of our images, we grant the organizations free usage rights to promote their organization and the participants free rights to use their photos for personal use. Events that we cover each year include the La Crosse RecFest, the Coulee Region Polar Plunge, the La Crosse Fitness Festival, the Du Run Run, the Big Muddy Run, and more. If you would like to help photograph any of these events, contact Owen or keep an ear out as they approach for more details at the meeting or on the website. If you would like to help coordinate or have ideas for other worthy events, we'd love to know as well.


Chairs: Kim Ambrose and Michelle Cox
The website is our primary way of communicating with members outside of meetings. Michelle takes care of administrating the website and much of the content falls to the current secretary but more help is always welcome to keep the content fresh and get important information to the members.

If you are interested in helping out, please contact Michelle. Strong writing skills are more important for this than computer skills but a basic knowledge of using the web, filling out online forms, and daily email checking is required. A high speed internet connection is recommended but not required.

Club displays

Chair: Terry Zalewski
Club members are often presented with opportunities to display their photos in various places around the area. If you know of any places that would like to host a photo gallery for the club, please contact Terry.

Special speakers

Chair: Peder Schoenfeld
From time to time the club helps coordinate bringing a major speaker to town. These events are usually held at one of the local schools and are open to the public. If you have ideas for speakers or just want to help, contact Peder.

Social events

Chairs: [YOUR NAME HERE] -- This position is unfilled. Interested? Contact Peder.
Our club is about more than just learning photography; photographers love having fun, too! The Christmas party, the summer picnic, the cookies and conversation after each meeting, and more. Social events are a great way to hang out with other photographers and talk about gear, technique, or the last football game. But parties need party planners. If this sounds like your idea of a good time, why not jump into the chair? Worried about going solo? Don't be! Other board members are always happy to help!