April 9, 2013 Meeting Summary

Recapped activity: 

Meeting Summary
The pre meeting program was given by John Zoerb. John gave some tips about photographing flowers.

The next meeting will be held at the La Crosse Floral greenhouse. It will be a shooting workshop.

Marti gave an N4C update.
Jerry Weigel passed out a sign up sheet for the Fitness Fest which will be held the 1st week in May.
Owen will follow up.
Shirley Gates reminded members of the Spring Break program in Minneapolis.
The year end banquet will be held at the Day’s Inn on June 8th beginning at 5:00.
Peder will follow with an email of details.
Peder mentioned a questioner about ideas for the next year.
Peder said that meeting would be at the Day’s Inn through 12/13.
The last meeting on May 28th will be a field trip to Norskedalen.
There was a discussion about elections for the 2013-14 year.

Elections were held. There were no nominations from the floor. Michelle Cox will take over as secretary. All other positions will continue.