September 2012 Executive Board Meeting - Summary

Recapped activity: 

Present: Peder Schoenfeld, Terry Zalewski, John Zoerb, Sue Retzlaff,
Jerry Bonsack, Marti Sullivan, Mike Earley, Toni Paisley, Debbie Abraham, Kristi Olson, Shirley Gates, Owen Johnson, Michelle Cox & Jerry Weigel

Memorial: A motion was passed to contribute $100 toward a memorial for
Paul and A.J. Petras. A collection was taken for flowers.

Heider Center: Terry will work with them and report to group.

Program: Peder will work with UWL Photography Dept. for a February program.

Chubzang Tangbi: Program was a success. Advertising expenses were covered by admissions. UWL staff was happy with program. John & Kathy Lay expressed appreciation.

Display Opportunities: La Crosse Parks & Recreation has offered the club an Art Wall to display pictures. Jerry Weigel will follow up for details.

The Day’s Hotel has offered a space for display. Shirley Gates will follow up for details.

Channel 8 has offered to post pictures from out web page on their noon program. Shirle Gates will follow up with Martha Koloski for details.

Classified Ads: Group was reminded that only members can advertise on the web site but a member could sponsor someone else’s sale.

PSA: Marti reminded the group that the next deadline was Sept. 25th.

N4C: Jerry Bonsack asked if the club should judge a B&W competition sponsored by the Des Moines club during the 2013-14 season. The subject was tabled for more details.

Patterns: John Zoerb raised a question about the upcoming patterns category. It was decided that there should not be a rule about weather a picture needed a center of interest but the judges would decide on the strength of the overall picture.

Fair Ribbons: A motion was passed to spend $50. for LACC ribbons to be awarded at Interstate Fair photography competition.

Bylaws: There was a discussion about revising and updating the bylaws for the club. Some changes were discussed. It was tabled for further study. Peder will bring it back.