February 26, 2013 Meeting - Summary

Recapped activity: 

A representative of the Special Olympics came in to pass out packets to those photographing the Polar Plunge this weekend.

John gave the treasurers report.

Shirley asked if anyone was judging in the TC contemporary competition and wanted to carpool.

Kristi welcomed the new members.

Jerry talked about the upcoming Polar Plunge for Special Olympics. He then told us about the N4C fall convention featuring a Canon Explorer of Light in October and Springbrook, which is the last weekend in April. Also, Spring Break is the first weekend in April.

Peder asked for confirmation on our March speaker, Chip.

Peder told us about abandonedbeauty.net which is looking for photographers.

The next executive board meeting will be March 19th at 5:30.

Executive board elections will be held in April.

Michelle made sure everyone knew what was needed for the Polar Plunge gallery.

Jerry moved that we accept the N4C ballot as presented. Mike Earley seconded it. Motion passed.

Mike Earley mentioned that Wabasha is having an eagle event and Al Sheldon is one of the speakers. Al has 8 calendars left if anyone would like to purchase.

Jerry W. mentioned that the owl festival is also this weekend.

Our original main program had to be canceled due to unfortunate circumstances so we watched a video. We voted on which video to watch and the winner was Jim Brandenburg's Chasing the Light followed by Circumventing Lake Superior.