March 26, 2013 Meeting Summary

Recapped activity: 

John Zoerb presented the educational program. He gave a talk about black and white photography and illustrated it with some prints. He mentioned that the black and white category also includes pictures that are toned.

About 35 members attended the meeting.

Peder said that that the last meeting, on May 28th, would be a field trip to Norskedalen. He noted that thee would be an admission fee.

Peder announced that the year end banquet would be at the Days Inn in June.

Elections will be held in April.

Prints are being accepted for the Black River Recreation Building Gallery.
They should be no larger than 16x20, matted and mounted. They should be shrink wrapped but this can be done be the committee if necessary. A card can be attached with the title and photographer's contact information. If you have a print but are unable to get to a meeting we will try to make arrangements to get it hung.

Peder took a vote about the location for meetings for the 2013-14 club year. It was decided that we should stay at the Days Inn.

Jerry Bonsack brought up the idea of a virtual circuit. This met with a lot of interest and approval. Jerry will pursue the idea.

Peder brought up the idea of summer meetings which would be field trips.

Shirley Gates said that she is collecting ideas for summer photo opportunities. People should send ideas to her and she will compile a list.

Shirley reminded the group of the exhibit opportunity at the Heider Center. A group will look at the site and report details.

Peder brought up the idea of having a theme next year such as "a picture a day".

Jerry reminded the group of Spring Break coming to the Twin Cities area.

The rest of the ;meeting was devoted to a presentation by Chip Mathy