November 13, 2012 Meeting - Summary

Recapped activity: 

Pre Meeting
Doyle & Shirley Gates presented a program of taking pictures of people and animals. They gave many tips about taking pictures at events and situations where the photographer does not have control of the envirnment. They discussed the difference between snapshots and competitive photographs. They also discussed the difference between formal portraits and human interest pictures of people. They also gave adice about photographing domesticated animals. There was a slide show of examples.

There were at least 3 new members.

Jerry Bonsack reminded members of the Spring Break event that will be held in early April in St. Paul
He asked for volunteers to judge pictures for that event.

Shirley Gates and Jerry Weigel announced that we have an exhibiting opportunity at the North Side Parks & Recreation Building. The deadline for this is November 27th at the meeting. The exhibit should go up in December.

The rest of the meeting was devoted to the November Evaluation.