Sept 11, 2018

Recapped activity: 

•Welcome to the new club year – the 81st year for the La Crosse Area Camera Club
•Introduction of officers and committee chair people
•Our club structure was described including fundamental programs, field trips and completions.
•A reminder that our volunteer photography for La Crosse Park and Rec activities is what pays the rent for our meeting space. Volunteerism has been low. There will be a special competition for volunteers to submit entries of photos from these volunteer shoots. Stay tuned for the list of opportunities – Paul Schoenfeld is our contact for these opportunities.
•The photographer mentoring program was described. If you are interested in being a mentor or mentee, contact Kathy Landsinger or Brian Narveson.
•The club has purchased 3 sets of National Geographic fundamentals of photography DVD. These are available to club members to borrow. There is no charge for the rental but there is a $20 deposit required.
•Eric Loewenhagen from Oktoberfest photo contest joined us to discuss this year’s contest and a volunteer schedule that needs to be filled.
•The group enjoyed a round of team building with Shutter Speed – a get to know you/speed dating style round robin conversations.