Sept 25, 2018 Club Meeting

Recapped activity: 

•The Fundamentals Program was a scavenger hunt through our camera manual or menu. Features explored included turning the flash on/off; advanced modes/scenes; exposure compensation; Histogram; white balance; image size, date/time stamp.
•Volunteer Opportunities: October 19th from 5-9 is the Park and Rec Field of Screams at Copeland Park. Contact Paul Schoenfeld for more information.
•After the ad hoc board meeting last week, it was decided that the monthly competition entries will allow up to 2 digital images and up to 2 prints. One category of digital images will be rested each month on a rotating basis.
•The Program was ‘How to Create a Good Image’ - Considerations should include Impact, composition, and technique. We viewed some images together and discussed what judges might consider positives in an image and what opportunities for improvement might be suggested.