Activity Summaries

•Brian Narvison presented a tutorial on Rotary Lights Photography.
•Following Brian’s presentation, the club went on a field trip to Rotary Lights.

•Peder announced that we will not be touring UW-L on Feb 26th but he is working on a possible tour of St. Rose Convent. More to come.
•Our guest speaker in January will be Mary Ann Roesler, a former LACC member. She will present her creative editing workflow. Mary Ann has had a book published and photos in an international magazine.
•The Nov 27th meeting will be a presentation on night photography followed by a field trip to Rotary Lights.
•Upcoming volunteer opportunities include the Mississippi Valley Preserve Winter Fest, in January.

Oct 23, 2018
•The Fundamentals Program was ‘Evaluation, Workflow, Adjustments in Camera RAW’ part 2 of 2 with Brian Narvison.
•The remainder of the meeting was a hands-on workshop.

•The Fundamentals Program was ‘Evaluation, Workflow, Adjustments in Camera RAW. This was part 1 of a 2 part presentation with Brian Narvison.
•Volunteer Opportunities: October 20th Enchanted Forrest from 1-3 at Myrick Park. Contact Paul Schoenfeld for more information.
•The Program was our October interclub photo competition results.

•The Fundamentals Program was a scavenger hunt through our camera manual or menu. Features explored included turning the flash on/off; advanced modes/scenes; exposure compensation; Histogram; white balance; image size, date/time stamp.
•Volunteer Opportunities: October 19th from 5-9 is the Park and Rec Field of Screams at Copeland Park. Contact Paul Schoenfeld for more information.

•Welcome to the new club year – the 81st year for the La Crosse Area Camera Club
•Introduction of officers and committee chair people
•Our club structure was described including fundamental programs, field trips and completions.

La Crosse Area Camera Club
November 14, 2017

Pre-program: Camera Q&A: only one question was brought forward – how to find the histogram on a Nikon DSLR. John Zoerb assisted the member with the answer to their question.

La Crosse Area Camera Club
October 24, 2017

Pre-program: We viewed 2 sessions of the National Geographic ‘The Great Courses – Fundamentals of Photography’ library that the club purchased.

Business meeting:
•At our next meeting, November 14th, the pre-program will be ‘Camera Q&A’. Bring your camera – bring your questions.
•John Zoerb gave the treasurers report – our account balance is $4229.61.
•There were no reports from membership, N4C, volunteer opportunities or field trips.

The April 23rd meeting was a field trip/shoot at La Crosse Floral.
It was hosted by John Zoerb.

Meeting Summary
The pre meeting program was given by John Zoerb. John gave some tips about photographing flowers.

The next meeting will be held at the La Crosse Floral greenhouse. It will be a shooting workshop.


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