Activity Summaries

For the pre-program, Mike had a slideshow / talk on photographing animals.

We had a short business meeting:

A representative of the Special Olympics came in to pass out packets to those photographing the Polar Plunge this weekend.

John gave the treasurers report.

Shirley asked if anyone was judging in the TC contemporary competition and wanted to carpool.

Kristi welcomed the new members.

Jerry talked about the upcoming Polar Plunge for Special Olympics. He then told us about the N4C fall convention featuring a Canon Explorer of Light in October and Springbrook, which is the last weekend in April. Also, Spring Break is the first weekend in April.

Pre Meeting
Doyle & Shirley Gates presented a program of taking pictures of people and animals. They gave many tips about taking pictures at events and situations where the photographer does not have control of the envirnment. They discussed the difference between snapshots and competitive photographs. They also discussed the difference between formal portraits and human interest pictures of people. They also gave adice about photographing domesticated animals. There was a slide show of examples.

Pre Program
Jon Lee presented a slide show on the toic of creative cropping.

Jenny Miller started a discussion about the holiday party.
Joe Becker said that he lived at the River Place Apartments. He said that they had a free party room that we could use for a potluck. The members voted to follow up on this ideas for a party on Saturday, January 12th at 5:00.

Present: Peder Schoenfeld, Terry Zalewski, John Zoerb, Sue Retzlaff,
Jerry Bonsack, Marti Sullivan, Mike Earley, Toni Paisley, Debbie Abraham, Kristi Olson, Shirley Gates, Owen Johnson, Michelle Cox & Jerry Weigel

Memorial: A motion was passed to contribute $100 toward a memorial for
Paul and A.J. Petras. A collection was taken for flowers.

Heider Center: Terry will work with them and report to group.

Program: Peder will work with UWL Photography Dept. for a February program.

LACC Special Meeting

On September 11, 2012 LACC hosted a speaker/slide show at UWL with the UWL Art Department.

The Speaker was

Chubzang Tangbi and the program was

Bhutan: “Land of the Thunder Dragon”

The first meeting of the 2012-13 season was held at the Day’s Motel on French Island.

There was no pre meeting this time.

Peder opened the meeting by introducing the board members and the committee members. This information is available on the website.

Jerry Bonsack announced that the N4C Convention would be held in Des Moines, IA.

Debbie Abraham reported on the programs scheduled for the season.

Sue Retzlaff talked about the new trial rule for competitions.

Kristi Olsen reminded people to pay their dues of $20. for the new year.

Pre Meeting Program:
Doyle and Shirley presented “Beauty and the Beast” a program on portrait and candid photography. They defined portrait photography as a situation where the photographer takes control i.e. posing, lighting, background etc. Candid photography was defined as a situation where the photographer works with the existing conditions and does not arrange things.

Many examples and tips were given.

Many summer photo opportunities were discussed including the La Crosse Interstate Fair.

The 2nd April meeting was a field trip to La Crosse Floral. John Zoerb hosted the session. It was a great opportunity to take pictures of all sorts of plants and flowers.

There was a short business meeting. Judges were selected for the May Competition. Maria reminded the group of the banquet choices. There was a discussion of the election for 2012 – 2013 board members.

Shirley passed out a sheet for volunteers to help with various committees for the next year. They included:

The pre program on birds and animals was presented by Mike Early.

Judges were picked for the April competition. Judges are Randy Greenfield, Bob Mueller and Mark Davini. Judging will be held on Monday April 9th at 6:00 at John Zoerb's house.


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