Activity Summaries

Pre Meeting:
The pre meeting presentation was given by Terry Zalewski. Terry explained what to consider when deciding whether to mount a photo with a mat. He discussed details such as mat color and photo and mat size. He then explained and demonstrated how to cut a mat and mount the print.

Regular Meeting:

There were approximately 40 members at the meeting.

Maria secured volunteer judges for February competition. The judges will meet at John Zoerb’s on February 12 at 6:00.

Pre Meeting:

The Pre Meeting Program was given by John Zoerb. John gave advice about winter photography. The emphasis was on exposure techniques and special care of equipment for cold weather.

The talk was illustrated with prints.

Maria opened the meeting by calling for volunteers to judge the N4C competition. Three judges were selected. The judging will be run by Jerry Bonsack and hosted by John Zoerb. The judges are Marti Sullivan, Jackie Rand and Toni Paisley.

Pre Meeting:

The pre meeting presentation was given by John Zoerb. John gave a talk on Cold Weather Photography and the Holiday Lights. John gave tips on night photography especially during cold weather. The talk was illustrated with slides of the Christmas Lights in Riverside Park.
There were also tips from other club members.

Regular Meeting:

There were 42 members at the meeting.

Meeting Place:

Present: Maria Barry, Peder Schoenfeld, Jerry Bonsack, Shirley Gates,
Cheryl Keeffe, Marti Sullivan, Kristi Olson, Terry Zalewski, Michelle Cox, Sue Retzlaff, John Zoerb, Mike Early, Jerry Weigel

Pre-meeting: The pre meeting was given by Jerry Bonsack. The theme was “Existing Light”. Jerry gave many tips about using a variety of lighting situations. They included fill flash, night lights, light painting, stop action and other.

The talk was illustrated with projected examples. Jerry even passed out his “Dusk to Dawn Exposure Wheel” for members to assemble and use.

Regular Meeting:

Present: Maria Barry, Peder Schoenfeld, Terry Zalewski, Jerry Bonsack, John Zoerb, Kristi Olson , Mike Early, Sue Retzlaff, Owen Johnson, Michelle Cox, Shirley Gates, Jerry Weigel

The 1st November meeting was attended by over 40 members.

Pre Meeting: The pre meeting was presented by John Zoerb. John gave a talk about judging prints for the monthly evaluations. He discussed technique, composition and impact.

He showed prints illustrating the concepts. There were questions and additional comments from the members.

John also brought in some PSA Journals for loan by club members.

General Meeting: Marti passed around a thank you card for Tad from the Studio thanking him for the field trip tour at the last meeting.

The October 25th meeting was a field trip to The Studio in downtown La Crosse.

Tad gave a great tour of his business. He demonstrated posing techniques and showed the group the equipment that he uses including some things that he invented. The studio has several floors of settings for portraits and a large variety of lighting accessories.

The pre meeting class was given by John Zoerb. The topic was Fall Photography. John gave many tips and illustrated the talk with large prints of various Fall subjects.

Owen opened the meeting with announcements about the Kickapoo Triathlon, the Mud Run and Oktoberfest. He reminded people to get pictures to the various organizations.

Jerry Bonsack told the group that there would be a Halloween event for families at Logger Field on Oct.28th. “Field of Screams”. Contact Jerry if interested in taking pictures. He will work with Parks & Rec.

Pre Meeting Program: The program was an award winning slide show on how to take good pictures given by Debbie Abraham

Maria opened the meeting with a reminder of the Mud Run taking place at Myrick Park.

The club was reminded of the YMCA exhibit/sale for arts week. Prints were collected for the show.

Main Program: Owen Johnson gave a program on using histograms to improve photographs. The program was illustrated with slides and examples.


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