Competition results

2018 November Competition
C Category Title Maker Place / Points
A Nature Eagle Soaring Al Sheldon 1st Place 37pts
A Nature Compass Plant John Zoerb 2nd Place 36pts
A Nature First Snow Shirley Gates 3rd Place 35pts
A Nature Muskrat Al Sheldon Hon. Mention 35pts
A Nature What's Up Jerry Weigel Hon. Mention 35pts
A Nature Hello Up There! Rachel Teske Hon. Mention 33pts
A Nature MN Loon and Young One Bob Mueller 33pts
A Nature Tamanawas Stream Mike Hanson 33pts
A Nature Sun Bathing In High Water Wanda Finn 31pts
A Nature Prairie Dog Brandon Wanke 31pts
A Nature Hanging Out in my Tree Tia Gray 31pts
A Nature Wild Monarch Eileen Roesler 30pts
A Nature Camouflaged Hopper Debbie Hanson 30pts
A Nature Great Blue Heron On Mangrove Tree Sonja Haske 30pts
A Nature Pine Cone John Zoerb Voted Acc. 29pts
A Nature Bear Mike Earley 28pts
A Nature Burrowing Owls Mike Earley 24pts
A Challenge Red, White and Barn Brian Narveson 1st Place 38pts
A Challenge Old World Wisconsin Barns Kristi Olson 2nd Place 37pts
A Challenge 1900 Norwegian Barn Brian Narveson 3rd Place 37pts
A Challenge Another Abandoned Barn Wanda Finn Hon. Mention 36pts
A Challenge Old Barn Doyle Gates Hon. Mention 35pts
A Challenge Barn in Fog John Zoerb Hon. Mention 34pts
A Challenge Stately 1909 Barn with One New Addition Phyllis Feiock 34pts
A Challenge Out to Pasture Mike Hanson 33pts
A Challenge Emma's Barn in Autumn Brandon Wanke 33pts
A Challenge Our Barn Eileen Roesler 31pts
A Challenge From a Long Time Ago and Soon to be Lost Hans Madland 31pts
A Challenge Needs a coat of paint Tia Gray 30pts
A Challenge Red Barn Jerry Weigel 30pts
A Color prints Web in Pink John Zoerb 1st Place 42pts
A Color prints The Rose Kristi Olson 2nd Place 41pts
A Color prints Tobacco Shed in Fall Shirley Gates 3rd Place 35pts
A Color prints Amicon Falls State Park Brian Narveson Hon. Mention 35pts
A Color prints Two Eagles John Zoerb Hon. Mention 34pts
A Color prints Baby Doll Portrait Kristi Olson Hon. Mention 34pts
A Color prints Seen Better Days Brian Narveson Hon. Mention 33pts
A Color prints Departure Doyle Gates Hon. Mention 33pts
A Color prints The Colors of Autumn Phyllis Feiock Voted Acc. 33pts
A Color prints San Francisco Landmark Brandon Wanke 32pts
A Color prints Lily Pond at Riverside Friendship Garden Bob Mueller 32pts
A Color prints Old Log Cabin Eileen Roesler 32pts
A Color prints Winter in the Valley Doyle Gates 31pts
A Color prints Standing Proud Phyllis Feiock 31pts
A Color prints Working Blacksmith Eileen Roesler 31pts
A Color prints Running Mike Earley 31pts
A Color prints Mindoro Cut on a Summer Day Shirley Gates 30pts
A Color prints One Nation under God Brandon Wanke 30pts
A Color prints Twisty Bob Mueller 30pts
A Color prints Sunup Mike Earley 29pts