Competition results

2019 January Competition
C Category Title Maker Place / Points
A Nature Phoebe John Zoerb 1st Place 40pts
A Nature Scoliid Wasp Al Sheldon 2nd Place 40pts
A Nature A Pair of Trumpeter Swans Sonja Haske 3rd Place 38pts
A Nature Pussywillow Shirley Gates Hon. Mention 38pts
A Nature A Frosty Spruce Rachel Teske Hon. Mention 37pts
A Nature Small heron John Zoerb Hon. Mention 37pts
A Nature Cruisin' Pelican Mike Hanson Hon. Mention 35pts
A Nature Atlantic Puffin in Breeding Plumage Hans Madland Hon. Mention 34pts
A Nature Hooded Merganser Al Sheldon 34pts
A Nature Maverick and Iceman Daniel McKenzie 34pts
A Nature Eagle in Flight Doyle Gates 33pts
A Nature Falls Creek Falls Mike Hanson 31pts
A Nature Siblings Wanda Finn 30pts
A Nature The Tree John Schilling 29pts
A Nature Yesterday's Birch Phyllis Feiock 29pts
A Nature See You Later Jerry Weigel 29pts
A Nature Horseshoe Falls Sue Retzlaff 28pts
A Nature Pure North John Schilling 28pts
A Nature Sunset #4 Eileen Roesler 27pts
A Nature Profils Jerry Weigel 27pts
A Challenge Birthday Girl Rachel Teske Acceptance 37pts
A Challenge Apple of My Eye Brian Narveson Acceptance 31pts
A Challenge Reflecting Father and Son Wanda Finn 28pts
A Color prints Shrine childrens graves John Zoerb 1st Place 39pts
A Color prints Marooned Kelly Retzlaff-... 2nd Place 38pts
A Color prints Winter in Gavin Coulee Doyle Gates 3rd Place 38pts
A Color prints Little House Kristi Olson Hon. Mention 37pts
A Color prints Itchy Nose Phyllis Feiock Hon. Mention 36pts
A Color prints Norskedalen Kristi Olson Hon. Mention 36pts
A Color prints Three Snowmen Brandon Wanke Hon. Mention 35pts
A Color prints Monet's Garden and House Brian Narveson Voted Acc. 34pts
A Color prints Buck deer in sunset John Zoerb Voted Acc. 34pts
A Color prints Butterfly #3 Eileen Roesler 34pts
A Color prints The Old Shed Shirley Gates 32pts
A Color prints High Falls on Pigeon River Brian Narveson 32pts
A Color prints Golden Gate Brandon Wanke 32pts
A Color prints Home on the Range Tia Gray 32pts
A Color prints The Old Farmstead Doyle Gates 31pts
A Color prints Summer Drive Shirley Gates 31pts
A Color prints Double Begonia Eileen Roesler 31pts
A Creative Pink Masterpiece Brian Narveson 1st Place 42pts
A Creative Daffodil Shirley Gates 2nd Place 40pts
A Creative Spools of Thread Kristi Olson 3rd Place 39pts
A Creative Winter Milkweed Sue Retzlaff Hon. Mention 39pts
A Creative Painted Dahlia Sonja Haske Hon. Mention 38pts
A Creative Mohawk On The Move Kelly Retzlaff-... Hon. Mention 36pts
A Creative Field Road Kristi Olson 35pts
A Creative Blue Christmas Brandon Wanke 33pts
A Creative City Reflections Brandon Wanke 33pts
A Creative Green Peony and Bee Eileen Roesler 32pts