Competition results

2018 May Competition
C Category Title Maker Place / Points
A Nature Another bird on a stick Shirley Gates 1st Place 37pts
A Nature Great Egrets Al Sheldon 2nd Place 35pts
A Nature Peli profile Mike Hanson 3rd Place 34pts
A Nature Foggy Morning on Middle Cullen Lake David Skoog Hon. Mention 32pts
A Nature Tundra Swans Al Sheldon Hon. Mention 32pts
A Nature Warm Sunset Eileen Roesler Hon. Mention 31pts
A Nature Confused! Rachel Teske Hon. Mention 31pts
A Nature Perry Creek Debbie Abraham Hon. Mention 31pts
A Nature Taking Off #2 John Zoerb 30pts
A Nature Leaning Left Jerry Weigel 30pts
A Nature Snowy April Weather Bob Mueller 30pts
A Nature Seagull Kristi Olson 29pts
A Nature Morning Calm Phil Addis 28pts
A Nature Timber Rattlesnake "Close Enough" David Skoog 28pts
A Nature Otterly Cute Shirley Gates 28pts
A Nature Big Bird! Daniel McKenzie 28pts
A Nature Sanck Time Brandon Wanke 28pts
A Nature Bad Hair Day Jerry Weigel 28pts
A Nature The Nest Debbie Abraham 28pts
A Nature That "deer in the sunlight" look Daniel McKenzie 27pts
A Nature Beautiful John Schilling 26pts
A Nature Rockin’ Robin Phil Addis 20pts
A Nature Nature's Perfection Brian Narveson 18pts
A Open That ball is mine Mike Hanson 1st Place 36pts
A Open Reading the Mail Kristi Olson 2nd Place 35pts
A Open Rose Garden Beauty Bob Mueller 3rd Place 33pts
A Open Heron Landing on Dock David Skoog Hon. Mention 32pts
A Open The Long & The Short Of It ! Bob Mueller Hon. Mention 32pts
A Open A Strawberry Treat Paul Abraham Hon. Mention 31pts
A Open Red Delight Brian Narveson Hon. Mention 31pts
A Open Ice under the Bridge Katie Weisbecker Hon. Mention 31pts
A Open Tangled Mike Hanson 30pts
A Open Red Perfection Brian Narveson 30pts
A Open Rose Beautiful Eileen Roesler 30pts
A Open Chains and Clamps #2 John Zoerb 29pts
A Open Happy Easter Brandon Wanke 29pts
A Open Choo Choo Phil Addis 28pts
A Open Excuse me, but where are the towels? Rachel Teske 28pts
A Open Foggy Morning Paul Abraham 28pts
A Open Discarded Shirley Gates 28pts
A Open Don't Let Go Katie Weisbecker 27pts
A Open Don't Jump John Schilling 27pts
A Open Chippy Daniel McKenzie 27pts
A Open Pink Medanilla Eileen Roesler 27pts
A Open A Walk Down Memory Lane Phyllis Feiock 27pts
A Open Ride 'em Cowboy Doyle Gates 26pts
A Open April Overtime Doyle Gates 26pts
A Open Forgotten Debbie Abraham 25pts
A Open Orchid Beauty Wanda Finn 22pts
A Challenge Wheel Sue Retzlaff 1st Place 33pts