Competition results

2017 November Competition
C Category Title Maker Place / Points
A Challenge A Night at Bliss Road Brian Barney 1st Place 31pts
A Challenge Pettibone Beach Wanda Finn 2nd Place 30pts
A Challenge Will Rogers Memorial Brian Narveson 3rd Place 28pts
A Challenge Mt. Rushmore at Night Shirley Gates Hon. Mention 28pts
A Challenge Rail Yards at Night John Zoerb Hon. Mention 27pts
A Challenge Ghost and Pumpkin #2 Eileen Roesler 27pts
A Challenge StarBurst Mike Hanson 26pts
A Challenge Night Lights Kristi Olson 25pts
A Challenge Animal House John Zoerb 23pts
A Challenge Night market and cell phone John Schilling 20pts
A Challenge Night Light Debbie Hanson 20pts
A Color prints Three Orchids John Zoerb 1st Place 39pts
A Color prints Painted Dahlia Kristi Olson 2nd Place 38pts
A Color prints Tea Time Shirley Gates 3rd Place 33pts
A Color prints Common Loon (MN State Bird) Bob Mueller Hon. Mention 32pts
A Color prints Bear Creek Park Brian Narveson Hon. Mention 32pts
A Color prints Fall's Beauty Phyllis Feiock 31pts
A Color prints Twilight Sunset Eileen Roesler 29pts
A Color prints Clowning Around Bob Mueller 28pts
A Color prints One Nation under God Brandon Wanke 28pts
A Color prints Autumn Watercolor Doyle Gates 27pts
A People Blossoming Beauty Katie Weisbecker 1st Place 38pts
A People Sophie with Leaves Michelle Cox 2nd Place 38pts
A People Family Silhouette Kim Ambrose 3rd Place 37pts
A People Civil War Reenactor Doyle Gates Hon. Mention 36pts
A People Little Buckaroo Debbie Abraham Hon. Mention 36pts
A People Jay Shirley Gates Hon. Mention 33pts
A People Wendy on the Bridge Michelle Cox Hon. Mention 33pts
A People Man at Rendezvous Brandon Wanke Hon. Mention 32pts
A People Micah Doyle Gates Hon. Mention 32pts
A People Me and my Blanky Mike Hanson 31pts
A People I can See You Katie Weisbecker 31pts
A People Fashionable jungle boy John Schilling 31pts
A People Zander Brian Narveson 30pts
A People Walk with Me Wanda Finn 30pts
A People 1860's Outfits Paul Abraham 30pts
A People Pumpkin Pie Rachel Teske 29pts
A People Posing with my Sax Brian Barney 29pts
A People Girl on a Swing Brandon Wanke 29pts
A People Boy in two cultures John Schilling 28pts
A People Toothless Debbie Hanson 28pts
A People Beth with James Al Sheldon 27pts
A People Independence Kim Ambrose 27pts
A People "Circles" the Clown Bob Mueller 27pts
A People I Love Pumpkins Brian Narveson 25pts
A People James Al Sheldon 24pts
A People High Stepping (Onalaska Hilltopper Band) Bob Mueller 24pts
A Creative I See You Phyllis Feiock 1st Place 41pts
A Creative Til Death do us Part Brian Barney 2nd Place 38pts
A Creative Viroqua Harvest Parade 2017 Kim Ambrose 3rd Place 35pts