Competition results

2012 April Competition
C Category Title Maker Place / Points
B People - Human Interest Candyland Kim Ambrose 29pts
B People - Human Interest Just having fun Cindy Hanson 28pts
B People - Human Interest Iron Woman Bill Wolf 28pts
B Open Tufted Titmouse Dan Jackson 1st Place 40pts
B Open Three Horses Jason Skoog 2nd Place 39pts
B Open Morning Bliss Brian Krenz 3rd Place 39pts
B Open Left to Time Sue Retzlaff Hon. Mention 37pts
B Open Days End Debbie Hanson Hon. Mention 37pts
B Open Ranier in July Marilyn Clarkin Hon. Mention 35pts
B Open Ryan House in Winter Julie Wanke 33pts
B Open Tri-Pod Table Mike Hanson 33pts
B Open Magnolia Phyllis Feiock Voted Acc. 32pts
B Open Disney at Night Brian Narveson 32pts
B Open Ferry Terminal Paul Schoenfeld 31pts
B Open Rome Dome Phillip Wanke 31pts
B Open Rain in December Stephanie Lee 31pts
B Open A dogs eye view. Sarah Love 31pts
B Open Serenity Bill Wolf 31pts
B Open Breaking Through the Trees Kim Ambrose 31pts
B Open Foggy Sunrise Jennifer Miller Voted Acc. 30pts
B Open Frosty Morning Cindy Hanson 30pts
B BW prints The Old Bridge Cindy Hanson 1st Place 40pts
B BW prints Shadow Play Sue Retzlaff 2nd Place 38pts
B BW prints Dinner for Two Mike Hanson 3rd Place 36pts
2012 March Competition
C Category Title Maker Place / Points
A Open Expedition Everest Randy Greenfield 1st Place 35pts
A Open Stampede of Fire Toni Paisley 2nd Place 32pts
A Open Captain Jack Debbie Abraham 3rd Place 32pts
A Open Old Church made of tabby John Schilling Hon. Mention 31pts
A Open Trapper in Red Paul Abraham Hon. Mention 31pts
A Open Covered Bridge Kristi Olson Hon. Mention 30pts
A Open Wagner Falls in Autumn Marti Sullivan 30pts
A Open Enterprise Road Sunset John Zoerb 29pts
A Open Woman in Market Owen Johnson 28pts
A Open Black and White Horse Jason Skoog 28pts
A Open Nawlins Cemetery Maria Barry 28pts
A Open Angel in my garden Cheryl Keeffe 28pts
A Open Amish Farm Doyle Gates 28pts
A Open Wintery Creek Eileen Roesler 27pts
A Open The Feast Shirley Gates 26pts
A Open Into the Wood Jerry Weigel 26pts
A Open Drip Mike Earley 26pts
A Challenge Off To Work Jerry Weigel 1st Place 38pts
A Challenge Landing Mike Earley 2nd Place 35pts
A Challenge Fall New World Maria Barry 3rd Place 34pts
A Challenge Waves21 Marti Sullivan Hon. Mention 33pts
A Challenge Hyde's Mill Doyle Gates Hon. Mention 32pts
A Challenge Dinner Table at Fort Belmont Shirley Gates Hon. Mention 32pts
A Challenge Riverside Deer Paul Abraham 30pts
A Challenge Goodguys Lane Debbie Abraham 30pts
A Challenge Tulip Topography Kristi Olson 29pts