Competition results

2012 February Competition
C Category Title Maker Place / Points
A Open WI Farm Mike Earley Hon. Mention 34pts
A Open Liana's Halifax2 Marti Sullivan 31pts
A Open The Old Violin Shirley Gates 31pts
A Open Exciting John Schilling 30pts
A Open The Ice Cutter Doyle Gates 30pts
A Open King of Hearts Kristi Olson 29pts
A Open Busy Bee Eileen Roesler 28pts
A Open Nasturiums Cheryl Keeffe 28pts
A Open 6365 Jerry Weigel 28pts
A Open Gateway to Yesterday Toni Paisley 26pts
A Open The Bottle House Reflection Mary Ann Roesler 26pts
A BW prints Superior Rocks John Zoerb 1st Place 37pts
A BW prints Spin Me A Tune Kristi Olson 2nd Place 35pts
A BW prints Windswept on Pinel Island Marti Sullivan 3rd Place 34pts
A BW prints The Soldier Shirley Gates Hon. Mention 33pts
A BW prints Growing Umbrellas Mary Ann Roesler 32pts
A BW prints Door to the Past Paul Abraham 31pts
A BW prints Dauntless Toni Paisley 30pts
A BW prints Late Summer in Norskedalen Debbie Abraham 29pts
A BW prints The Old Covered Wagon Doyle Gates 29pts
B Nature Cold Cold Cold Michael Herde 1st Place 32pts
B Nature Woodpecker Jennifer Miller 2nd Place 31pts
B Nature Autumn Meadowhawk Dan Jackson 3rd Place 31pts
B Nature Snowy Owl Julie Wanke Hon. Mention 31pts
B Nature Berries Cindy Hanson Voted Acc. 29pts
B Nature Snowy Morning on Coon Creek Wanda Finn 29pts
B Nature Here's Looking At Ya Phyllis Feiock 27pts
B Nature Snow Capped Kim Ambrose 25pts
B Nature Frosty Morning Phillip Wanke 25pts
B Nature Eyes in the Water Mike Hanson 20pts
B People - Human Interest Am I there yet? Kim Ambrose 1st Place 37pts
B People - Human Interest Playground Treasure Wanda Finn 2nd Place 31pts
B People - Human Interest I'm Getting Really Frustrated Phyllis Feiock 3rd Place 31pts
B People - Human Interest Hanging On Jennifer Miller Hon. Mention 29pts
B People - Human Interest What our you doing? Cindy Hanson 29pts
B People - Human Interest In Your Face Mike Hanson 26pts
B People - Human Interest Getting a Close-up Dan Jackson 26pts
B Open Bronze Copper Butterfly Dan Jackson 1st Place 37pts
B Open Fall Feast Wanda Finn 2nd Place 34pts
B Open Beach House Reflection Cindy Hanson 3rd Place 34pts
B Open Abandoned Michael Herde Hon. Mention 32pts
B Open Just A Poppy Phyllis Feiock Voted Acc. 31pts
B Open Tonight's the Night Honey Mike Hanson 27pts
B Open Trinita dei Monti Church Phillip Wanke 26pts
B Open Puddle Reflection Kim Ambrose 23pts
B Open Time is Money Jennifer Miller 23pts
B BW prints Bright Eye's Cindy Hanson 1st Place 36pts
B BW prints Bridge Over River Tiber Phillip Wanke 2nd Place 34pts
B BW prints Koala Mike Hanson 3rd Place 31pts
B BW prints Wagon Wheel Trail Phyllis Feiock 31pts