Competition results

2011 October Competition
C Category Title Maker Place / Points
A People - Human Interest Bubble Girl Doyle Gates 34pts
A People - Human Interest Baseball Umpire circa 1890 John Zoerb 33pts
A People - Human Interest Young Royalty Cheryl Keeffe 33pts
A People - Human Interest Old Town Strummer Owen Johnson 32pts
A People - Human Interest Bloodied But Not Defeated Debbie Abraham 30pts
A People - Human Interest Watermelon Boy John Schilling 30pts
A People - Human Interest Rendezvous Maiden Eileen Roesler 29pts
A People - Human Interest Snack Time Maria Barry 28pts
A People - Human Interest Noisy Tomcat Peder Schoenfeld 27pts
A People - Human Interest You're Two Mike Earley 23pts
A Open Troll Kristi Olson 1st Place 40pts
A Open I ' ll Drive Peder Schoenfeld 2nd Place 39pts
A Open The Troll Paul Abraham 3rd Place 37pts
A Open I'm With the Band Toni Paisley Hon. Mention 36pts
A Open AFA Chapel Maria Barry Hon. Mention 34pts
A Open Bird Buffet Mike Earley 32pts
A Open Alaskan window Cheryl Keeffe 32pts
A Open Black barn-red door John Zoerb 31pts
A Open Lesser Scaup Al Sheldon 30pts
A Open Norskedalen Rooftops Debbie Abraham 29pts
A Open Glassblower Shirley Gates 29pts
A Open Flipper Mary Ann Roesler 29pts
A Open What Are You Looking At Marti Sullivan Voted Acc. 29pts
A Open Flying High Doyle Gates 28pts
A Open Workers and Mao John Schilling 28pts
A Open Misty Morn' Eileen Roesler 24pts
A BW prints Saloon Girl Kristi Olson 1st Place 40pts
A BW prints You Say Who-lo and Owl Say Goodbye Toni Paisley 2nd Place 40pts
A BW prints Roots John Zoerb 3rd Place 37pts
A BW prints Broken Spokes Paul Abraham Hon. Mention 35pts
A BW prints Old Man Doyle Gates Hon. Mention 35pts
A BW prints Steer for State Street John Schilling 32pts
A BW prints The Wrangler Shirley Gates 31pts
A BW prints American Fur Company Debbie Abraham 29pts
A BW prints Infrared Barn Scene Peder Schoenfeld 25pts
B Nature Leaf in Water Angie Hornby 1st Place 39pts
B Nature Semi-palmated Sandpiper Dan Jackson 2nd Place 38pts
B Nature Moon Jennifer Miller 3rd Place 35pts
B Nature After Breakfast Michelle Cox Hon. Mention 34pts
B Nature Rocky Mountain Rest Sue Retzlaff Hon. Mention 34pts
B Nature The Frog Cindy Hanson 30pts
B Nature Spring Serenity Phyllis Feiock 29pts
B Nature Monarch Bill Wolf 29pts
B Nature Susan Paul Schoenfeld 28pts
B Nature Gull Silhouettes Brian Christianson 28pts
B Nature Lake Lilypads Wanda Finn 25pts
B Nature Come and Enjoy the Sun David Stakston 0pts
B People - Human Interest One More Cast Sue Retzlaff 1st Place 40pts
B People - Human Interest Fun at the Beach Cindy Hanson 2nd Place 40pts
B People - Human Interest Always Wanted To Be A Farm Gal Phyllis Feiock 3rd Place 36pts