Competition results

2012 March Competition
C Category Title Maker Place / Points
B Open A Soft Palette Kim Ambrose 27pts
B Open BUZZ OFF - I'M GOING TO FISH HERE! Chuck Hosler 27pts
B Open Geese at Dusk Bill Wolf 23pts
B Challenge Mike in Neon Wanda Finn 1st Place 36pts
B Challenge Yesterday's Classic Julie Wanke 2nd Place 35pts
B Challenge Ancient Ruins Phillip Wanke 3rd Place 35pts
B Challenge Dizzy Phyllis Feiock 32pts
B Challenge Surfing at Sunset Debbie Hanson Voted Acc. 30pts
B Challenge J & M Jennifer Miller 30pts
B Challenge 3D Milkweed Mike Hanson 30pts
B Challenge Winter Cross Cindy Hanson 29pts
B Challenge Gnarled Roots Sue Retzlaff 26pts
B Challenge Surreal Bill Wolf 21pts
B Color prints Snowy Owl Julie Wanke 1st Place 38pts
B Color prints Hawks Ridge, Duluth, MN Phyllis Feiock 2nd Place 33pts
B Color prints lacey in fall colors Wanda Finn 3rd Place 33pts
B Color prints Cityscape Rome Phillip Wanke 32pts
B Color prints Sitting Tall Debbie Hanson 30pts
B Color prints Frosted Sunflower Mike Hanson 28pts
B Color prints Watching Sunrise Paul Schoenfeld 28pts
B Color prints I Spy Cindy Hanson 26pts
B People - Portraits The Navy's Finest Chief Debbie Hanson 1st Place 33pts
B People - Portraits Costume at Polar Plunge Chuck Hosler 2nd Place 31pts
B People - Portraits PaPa & Grandson Cindy Hanson 3rd Place 30pts
B People - Portraits Knife Maker Wanda Finn 28pts
B People - Portraits Gabey Baby Bill Wolf 28pts
B People - Portraits Jay & Brook Meagan Bjornstad 28pts
B People - Portraits Daniel 2 Kim Ambrose 27pts
B People - Portraits I'm so sexy Mike Hanson 27pts
2012 February Competition
C Category Title Maker Place / Points
A Nature Antlion Al Sheldon 1st Place 40pts
A Nature Egrets Fighting John Zoerb 2nd Place 37pts
A Nature Thistle Kristi Olson 3rd Place 37pts
A Nature Snowy Owl in Flight Shirley Gates Hon. Mention 34pts
A Nature Maple Streaming Toni Paisley Hon. Mention 33pts
A Nature Ouch! Cheryl Keeffe Hon. Mention 32pts
A Nature Icicle Doyle Gates 32pts
A Nature Squirrel Stare Down Randy Greenfield 31pts
A Nature Spring Thaw Jerry Weigel 31pts
A Nature Autumn at the Falls Marti Sullivan 30pts
A Nature Snowy Owl in Flight Paul Abraham 28pts
A Nature look closely John Schilling 25pts
A Nature Frozen Oak Leaf Eileen Roesler 24pts
A Nature Slight Flight Mike Earley 23pts
A Nature Creepy Crawlly Home Mary Ann Roesler 22pts
A Nature Bison Calf Debbie Abraham 21pts
A People - Human Interest Chistopher & Prince--Bare Feet Shirley Gates 1st Place 35pts
A People - Human Interest Lift Off Randy Greenfield 2nd Place 34pts
A People - Human Interest Fiddler Paul Abraham 3rd Place 31pts
A People - Human Interest Banjo Player Doyle Gates Hon. Mention 31pts
A People - Human Interest Night Firing Debbie Abraham Hon. Mention 30pts