Competition results

2011 December Competition
C Category Title Maker Place / Points
A People - Portraits Captain Jack 2 Doyle Gates 3rd Place 35pts
A People - Portraits Fashion by Kathy Ken Truax Hon. Mention 31pts
A People - Portraits A Couple of Clowns Jerry Weigel Hon. Mention 30pts
A People - Portraits Civil War Soldier John Zoerb Hon. Mention 29pts
A People - Portraits Renaissance Musician Shirley Gates Acceptance 29pts
A People - Portraits Holly and Steve Kristi Olson 28pts
A People - Portraits Brown eyes Cheryl Keeffe 28pts
A People - Portraits Harley Maria Barry 27pts
A People - Portraits Bagpipe-Piper Eileen Roesler 25pts
A People - Portraits Celebrate Octoberfest John Schilling 25pts
A People - Portraits Fairy Grandmother Debbie Abraham 24pts
A People - Portraits I'm 2 Mike Earley 22pts
B Nature Fungus Sue Retzlaff 1st Place 30pts
B Nature Zion Paul Schoenfeld 2nd Place 29pts
B Nature Seagull Race Jan Jarvinen 3rd Place 27pts
B Nature Bug eyes Cindy Hanson Hon. Mention 27pts
B Nature Sneaking Out Wanda Finn Hon. Mention 27pts
B Nature What are you looking at? Bill Wolf 26pts
B Nature Hackberry Emperor Butterfly Dan Jackson 26pts
B Nature Ring Neck Pheasant Jennifer Miller 25pts
B Nature Turtlehead Peak David Stakston 25pts
B Nature Mushroom Tree Mike Hanson 23pts
B Nature Sunset Clouds Over the Marsh Brian Christianson 22pts
B Open Sixth Avenue Christmas Paul Schoenfeld 1st Place 37pts
B Open Weathered and Worn Sue Retzlaff 2nd Place 34pts
B Open I ate too much..... Mike Hanson 3rd Place 33pts
B Open Foggy Sunrise Wanda Finn Hon. Mention 31pts
B Open Female Northern Cardinal Dan Jackson Hon. Mention 30pts
B Open Wupatki Pueblo David Stakston 29pts
B Open Shells in the Sand Cindy Hanson 28pts
B Open Open Reflection Bill Wolf 28pts
B Open Saddles, Firewood, and Eggs Brian Christianson 27pts
B Open Cherokee Monica Kendhammer 25pts
B Open Clouds Jennifer Miller 24pts
B BW prints no title Cindy Hanson 1st Place 31pts
B BW prints Roots Sue Retzlaff 2nd Place 31pts
B BW prints Wyatt, where's my treat? Barb Gates 3rd Place 30pts
B BW prints Abbie Rose Mike Hanson 28pts
B BW prints Pettibone Grid Wanda Finn 26pts
B People - Portraits Potter Sue Retzlaff 1st Place 32pts
B People - Portraits Little Fester Wanda Finn 1st Place 37pts
B People - Portraits Jim Sue Retzlaff 2nd Place 32pts
B People - Portraits Grandpa's Cap Barb Gates 3rd Place 31pts
B People - Portraits Daniel Kim Ambrose Hon. Mention 28pts
B People - Portraits Sassy Bill Wolf 28pts
B People - Portraits Autumn Cindy Hanson 26pts
B People - Portraits Miss Marie Mike Hanson 25pts
B People - Portraits Pairis Bill Wolf 26pts
B People - Portraits Roaring Zack Brian Christianson 24pts
B People - Portraits Gallery at the Met Paul Schoenfeld 21pts