Competition results

2011 November Competition
C Category Title Maker Place / Points
A Color prints Two Monks-Yellow Hat Monastery John Schilling 2nd Place 35pts
A Color prints White Dahlia Mary Ann Roesler 3rd Place 34pts
A Color prints Crazy Horse Model Paul Abraham Hon. Mention 33pts
A Color prints Clown Kids Doyle Gates Acceptance 32pts
A Color prints Cashton Barn Maria Barry Acceptance 32pts
A Color prints Reflection on the Vietnam Wall Toni Paisley 31pts
A Color prints Dad's Levis Kristi Olson 30pts
A Color prints Autumn Bounty Debbie Abraham 29pts
A Color prints Three Chimneys Shirley Gates 29pts
B People - Human Interest Gonna Get You Michelle Cox 2nd Place 32pts
B People - Human Interest Shania Barb Gates 3rd Place 32pts
B People - Human Interest In Her own world Wanda Finn Hon. Mention 30pts
B People - Human Interest Fairest of the Fair Angie Hornby 30pts
B People - Human Interest I'm Shy Mike Hanson 28pts
B People - Human Interest Children's March Paul Schoenfeld 26pts
B People - Human Interest Can you see me Cindy Hanson 25pts
B Open Drops of Gold Michelle Cox 1st Place 39pts
B Open Red Barn Cindy Hanson 2nd Place 38pts
B Open Superior Lighthouse Angie Hornby 3rd Place 35pts
B Open Down a Country Lane Sue Retzlaff Hon. Mention 33pts
B Open Door To The Winery Phyllis Feiock Hon. Mention 32pts
B Open Locked Out Wanda Finn Hon. Mention 32pts
B Open Autumn Shades Mike Hanson 32pts
B Open Mississippi River Overlook Jennifer Miller 29pts
B Open Pretty in Pink Barb Gates 28pts
B Open Bleeding Heart Dan Jackson 27pts
B Open Lake Shore Popples Paul Schoenfeld 27pts
B Open After Seventy Years Jan Jarvinen 25pts
B Open Windy Urban Marsh David Stakston 25pts
B Challenge I've seen better days Cindy Hanson 1st Place 34pts
B Challenge Days Long Gone Sue Retzlaff 2nd Place 34pts
B Challenge Seen Better Days Paul Schoenfeld 3rd Place 34pts
B Challenge Where's the Beef Mike Hanson Hon. Mention 33pts
B Challenge Old Barn Window Michelle Cox Hon. Mention 31pts
B Challenge Rural Decay Phyllis Feiock 30pts
B Challenge Rural Fence Wanda Finn 29pts
B Challenge The Old Shed Barb Gates 29pts
B Challenge Abandoned Depot Bill Wolf 27pts
B Challenge Old Tobacco Shed Jennifer Miller 26pts
B Challenge Showing off my gills Monica Kendhammer 26pts
B Color prints Slot Canyon Sue Retzlaff 1st Place 35pts
B Color prints View From The 9th Floor Phyllis Feiock 2nd Place 34pts
B Color prints Summer Beauty Barb Gates 3rd Place 33pts
B Color prints The Rose Wanda Finn Hon. Mention 33pts
B Color prints unknown Cindy Hanson 31pts
B Color prints BlueBonnet Corral Paul Schoenfeld 29pts
B Color prints Silo eating Ivy Mike Hanson 27pts
2011 October Competition
C Category Title Maker Place / Points
A Nature Natural Frame Marti Sullivan 1st Place 40pts
A Nature Blue Dasher Al Sheldon 2nd Place 39pts
A Nature Garden of the Gods at Sunrise Maria Barry 3rd Place 39pts