Competition results

2011 September Competition
C Category Title Maker Place / Points
A People - Human Interest Chandler at Christine Falls Maria Barry 32pts
A People - Human Interest The Judge Kristi Olson 32pts
A People - Human Interest Antique Store Owner #3 John Zoerb 31pts
A People - Human Interest Shoot-out in Oatman Mary Ann Roesler 30pts
A People - Human Interest After the Race - Cool Down Peder Schoenfeld 30pts
A People - Human Interest Beat Ya Marti Sullivan 28pts
A Open Snapping Turtle Al Sheldon 1st Place 37pts
A Open Eat My Dust Doyle Gates 2nd Place 36pts
A Open Forgotten Kristi Olson 3rd Place 35pts
A Open Budville Thomas Neubauer Hon. Mention 35pts
A Open Spokes Missing Paul Abraham Hon. Mention 35pts
A Open Sunflower on Crate Debbie Abraham Hon. Mention 34pts
A Open Summer Harvest Shirley Gates 32pts
A Open The Old School House Eileen Roesler 32pts
A Open The Blessing of the Rat Rod Buck Jonathan Shore 32pts
A Open The Granary Peder Schoenfeld 32pts
A Open School for acrobats John Schilling 31pts
A Open Barn & Snowy Trees John Zoerb Voted Acc. 31pts
A Open Long ago Cheryl Keeffe 30pts
A Open "Ruffled Feathers Jerry Weigel 30pts
A Open In the Shadow of Mt. Rainier Maria Barry 30pts
A Open Stay Off the Grass Mike Earley 30pts
A Open Framing the Sky Mary Ann Roesler 29pts
A Open Life in the Valley of Death Marti Sullivan 28pts
A Open La Crosse Arch and Eagle Jerry Bonsack 28pts
A Color prints Red Door John Zoerb 1st Place 40pts
A Color prints Foggy August Morning Shirley Gates 2nd Place 38pts
A Color prints Raspberries and Cream Kristi Olson 3rd Place 37pts
A Color prints The Sentinel Maria Barry Hon. Mention 36pts
A Color prints Ohio Hawk Thrower Debbie Abraham 35pts
A Color prints Coop Storage Paul Abraham 34pts
A Color prints The Old Covered Wagon Doyle Gates 32pts
A Color prints Winner's eagle dance John Schilling 28pts
B Nature Trempealeau Sunset Sue Retzlaff 1st Place 38pts
B Nature Myrick Butterfly Michelle Cox 2nd Place 38pts
B Nature Family Outing Wanda Finn 3rd Place 37pts
B Nature Dragon Hunter Dan Jackson Hon. Mention 34pts
B Nature Winterscape Julie Wanke Hon. Mention 33pts
B Nature Fungi Phillip Wanke Hon. Mention 32pts
B Nature Flower Jennifer Miller Voted Acc. 31pts
B Nature Ready to open Philip Brochhausen 28pts
B Nature Cloud Light Brian Christianson 28pts
B Nature Firework. Sarah Love 27pts
B Nature Seed Pod Cindy Hanson 27pts
B Nature The Last Bumble Bee David Stakston 26pts
B Nature Butterfly on Cone Flower Bill Wolf 26pts
B Nature Ducks 2 Debra Randall 22pts
B Nature Marsh Contrast Kim Randall 21pts
B People - Human Interest Fast Track Wanda Finn 1st Place 34pts
B People - Human Interest Whatcha doin Julie Wanke 2nd Place 34pts