Competition results

2018 February Competition
C Category Title Maker Place / Points
B People Rebel Soldier Curt Murray 1st Place 36pts
B People Peek in the Park Doug Darelius 2nd Place 34pts
B People Baby Rigoletto Larry Beaver 3rd Place 30pts
B People Yellow Fellow Tia Gray Hon. Mention 29pts
B People Hiking adventure Linda Clark Hon. Mention 28pts
B People Tough Pulling for a Three Year Old Sonja Haske 28pts
B People Carriage Drive Julie Wanke 28pts
B People A Toothy Smile Tia Gray 26pts
B People Strollin' with my Baby Doug Darelius 23pts
B People Just another face in the crowd Dave Halverson 18pts
B Creative Southward Migration Alan Miller 1st Place 35pts
B Creative Rose Cindy Hanson 2nd Place 34pts
B Creative frozen planet Dave Halverson 3rd Place 32pts
B Creative Beautiful Rose Donnalee Hoelzen Hon. Mention 30pts
B Creative Lovely Old Car on a Dusty Road Sonja Haske Hon. Mention 29pts
B Creative Sitting Lazy Danette Jessie 28pts
B Creative Roundup Tia Gray 28pts
B Creative Attic Window Lisa Gray 28pts
B Creative Radio City John McCormack 27pts
B Creative House on the trail Donnalee Hoelzen 26pts
B Creative Four eyes Cindy Hanson 26pts
B Creative Deer on the Run Paula Clements 24pts
B Creative Two Missing Panes Lisa Gray 24pts
2018 January Competition
C Category Title Maker Place / Points
A Nature The Cardinal Mike Hanson 1st Place 38pts
A Nature Dragon Daniel McKenzie 2nd Place 37pts
A Nature Spying on Fish Al Sheldon 3rd Place 37pts
A Nature Mother and Colt Al Sheldon Hon. Mention 37pts
A Nature Spook Moon Daniel McKenzie Hon. Mention 36pts
A Nature Do you see me now Wanda Finn Hon. Mention 36pts
A Nature Help!! I'm Stuck Mike Hanson Hon. Mention 35pts
A Nature Comfrey Leaf Rachel Teske Hon. Mention 34pts
A Nature Morning Stretch David Skoog Hon. Mention 34pts
A Nature Beauty of Maui Phyllis Feiock 33pts
A Nature Serenity Doyle Gates 32pts
A Nature Spring Fiddler Brandon Wanke Voted Acc. 31pts
A Nature Devils Tower Brian Narveson 31pts
A Nature First Snow Shirley Gates 30pts
A Nature Opossum Eileen Roesler 30pts
A Nature Devils Tower Brandon Wanke 30pts
A Nature Bridal Veil Falls Doyle Gates 29pts
A Nature Pure and Golden Katie Weisbecker 29pts
A Nature Wyoming Marmot Brian Narveson 29pts
A Nature Leaf in Snow Eileen Roesler 28pts
A Nature Two's Company Paul Abraham 28pts
A Nature Leaf in ice #2 John Zoerb 28pts
A Nature Pasque Flower #5 John Zoerb 28pts
A Nature Little Lady Debbie Hanson 27pts
A Nature Fall Beauty Debbie Hanson 25pts
A Nature Sunset Vista Bob Mueller 22pts
A Challenge Grapes Anyone Brian Narveson 1st Place 37pts