Competition results

2017 October Competition
C Category Title Maker Place / Points
A Nature Delicate Bloom Debbie Abraham 2nd Place 38pts
A Nature Fawn on Trail in Hixon Forest Rachel Teske 3rd Place 36pts
A Nature Bond Falls #10 John Zoerb Hon. Mention 35pts
A Nature Northern Shoveler Al Sheldon Hon. Mention 34pts
A Nature Spring John Schilling Hon. Mention 34pts
A Nature The Goose is Loose Mike Hanson Hon. Mention 34pts
A Nature Taking A Rest Bob Mueller Hon. Mention 32pts
A Nature Badlands Beauty Brandon Wanke 31pts
A Nature You Got Food? Brian Narveson 31pts
A Nature Look Out Below Phyllis Feiock 30pts
A Nature Squirrel!!! Brian Barney 30pts
A Nature Taggart Lake- Grand Tetons Wanda Finn 30pts
A Nature Frog of Fall Debbie Hanson Voted Acc. 29pts
A Nature Family of Nine Debbie Abraham 29pts
A Nature Waiting For Lunch Bob Mueller 29pts
A Nature Butterfly and Wildflower Jerry Weigel Voted Acc. 29pts
A Nature All Alone in the Blue Phyllis Feiock 28pts
A Nature Busy Bee Debbie Hanson 27pts
A Nature Autumn Leaves Kristi Olson 25pts
A Nature Butterfly Shirley Gates 23pts
A Open Eating Berries Al Sheldon 1st Place 42pts
A Open Jaguar- Milwaukee Zoo Wanda Finn 2nd Place 39pts
A Open Pretty in Pink Phyllis Feiock 3rd Place 38pts
A Open Colorful Milky Way Brian Narveson Hon. Mention 36pts
A Open Kiwi Kristi Olson Hon. Mention 35pts
A Open Aqua Door Paul Abraham Hon. Mention 34pts
A Open Status Symbol Paul Abraham Hon. Mention 34pts
A Open Study Time Kristi Olson 33pts
A Open Solar Knot Jerry Weigel 33pts
A Open Daybreak Peder Schoenfeld Voted Acc. 33pts
A Open Tennis Time Brandon Wanke 33pts
A Open Berries Afloat Doyle Gates 32pts
A Open Come Sit a Spell at Myrick Marsh Rachel Teske Voted Acc. 31pts
A Open Milkweed at Sunset Michelle Cox 30pts
A Open Caramel Brian Barney 30pts
A Open Brocoflower Eileen Roesler 28pts
A Open Perfect Rose John Schilling 28pts
A Open Pliers John Zoerb 28pts
A Open Horses and Wheat John Zoerb 28pts
A Open Men Fishing Eileen Roesler 25pts
A Open White Mountain Gorge Mike Hanson 23pts
A Open Summer Sunsets Debbie Hanson 21pts
A BW prints Old Keys Kristi Olson 1st Place 40pts
A BW prints Baritone Brandon Wanke 2nd Place 38pts
A BW prints 1880 Town Shirley Gates 3rd Place 36pts
A BW prints Pioneer Wagon Doyle Gates Hon. Mention 35pts
A BW prints 1930 Caddy -- V-16 Bob Mueller 34pts
A BW prints Shrine Church Brian Barney 32pts
A BW prints Sharp Picture #2 John Zoerb 26pts
A People Tia and Prince Debbie Abraham 1st Place 39pts