Competition results

2018 May Competition
C Category Title Maker Place / Points
A Color prints Melting Along the Mississippi Phyllis Feiock Hon. Mention 35pts
A Color prints Sunset Pelican Brian Narveson Hon. Mention 30pts
A Color prints Power Plant John Zoerb Hon. Mention 29pts
A Color prints Pink Wonder Eileen Roesler 28pts
A Color prints The Shed Next Door Shirley Gates 28pts
A Color prints The Old Farmstead Doyle Gates 27pts
A Color prints Round and Round They Go Debbie Abraham 27pts
A Color prints On-canny Smowmen Brandon Wanke 27pts
A Color prints The Three Amigos Bob Mueller 26pts
A Color prints Lavender Knot John Zoerb 2nd Place 37pts
B Nature Snowy Egret in Mating Plumage Sonja Haske 1st Place 36pts
B Nature I See You Jules Teskie 2nd Place 33pts
B Nature Great White Egret with Green Lore Kristen Churkey 3rd Place 33pts
B Nature Adrift Lisa Gray Hon. Mention 32pts
B Nature Pelican Wings Up Gary Olds Hon. Mention 31pts
B Nature I got my eye on you Nancy Olds Hon. Mention 30pts
B Nature Leave Me Alone Gary Olds Hon. Mention 30pts
B Nature Pictured rock tour Dave Halverson 29pts
B Nature Mount St. Helens Julie Miller 28pts
B Nature The Eagle has Landed Doug Darelius 28pts
B Nature Wood ducks Cindy Hanson 28pts
B Nature Pelican in Flight Nancy Olds 28pts
B Nature Smoke Ring around Mount St Helens Dave Halverson 28pts
B Nature The Coming of Spring Kristen Churkey 27pts
B Nature Dainty Mushrooms Sonja Haske 26pts
B Nature Tranquil Doug Darelius 26pts
B Nature Third Pass and a Winner Lynn Dahlen 25pts
B Nature Hawaiian mountain Donnalee Hoelzen 23pts
B Open Flight into Nashville Alan Miller 1st Place 38pts
B Open Panama City Beach, Florida Pier Gary Olds 2nd Place 36pts
B Open Where are You Leading Us? Sonja Haske 3rd Place 35pts
B Open Hawaiian lighthouse Donnalee Hoelzen Hon. Mention 32pts
B Open Summer Storm Jules Teskie Hon. Mention 31pts
B Open Flying High Kristen Churkey Hon. Mention 30pts
B Open Panama City Beach, Florida Nancy Olds Hon. Mention 30pts
B Open Yellow Tia Gray 29pts
B Open Sailboat Club in the fog Julie Miller 29pts
B Open Pretty in Pink Danette Jessie 28pts
B Open Stonefield Windmill Peter Taylor 28pts
B Open Mississippi Bridges Tia Gray 28pts
B Open Petunia Paula Clements 27pts
B Open After the Hunt Danette Jessie 26pts
B Open Wild Hawaiian rooster Donnalee Hoelzen 26pts
B Open Duck, Duck Goose Lisa Gray 25pts
B Open Enough Already! Doug Darelius 24pts
B Open Don't worry, the kids will be back Linda Clark 24pts
B Open Slippery when wet Linda Clark 23pts
B Open Spring Sunshine Paula Clements 22pts
B Challenge See Green Clamps Lisa Gray 1st Place 28pts
B Challenge Leathermaker's Tools Tia Gray 2nd Place 28pts