Competition results

2019 January Competition
C Category Title Maker Place / Points
B Challenge Serenity Dave Halverson 25pts
B Color prints Common Loon John McCormack Acceptance 37pts
B Color prints Elephant Ear Lisa Gray Acceptance 36pts
B Color prints The big top Dave Halverson Acceptance 33pts
B Color prints Did you hear that? John McCormack Acceptance 31pts
B Creative flowers Cindy Hanson 1st Place 37pts
B Creative Muscle Glow Danette Jessie 2nd Place 36pts
B Creative Flower Lisa Gray 3rd Place 31pts
B Creative Winter's Bluff Peter Taylor Hon. Mention 26pts
B Creative Spokes Lisa Gray Voted Acc. 26pts
B Creative A peaceful place Donnalee Hoelzen 25pts
B Creative You're Mine John McCormack 22pts
2018 December Competition
C Category Title Maker Place / Points
A Nature Great Greay Owl Kelly Retzlaff-... 1st Place 39pts
A Nature Who are you John Zoerb 2nd Place 36pts
A Nature Walrus In Svalbard Hans Madland 3rd Place 35pts
A Nature Pileated Woodpecker Al Sheldon Hon. Mention 33pts
A Nature Heron on the Hunt Hans Madland Hon. Mention 33pts
A Nature Hawk Fight Mike Hanson Hon. Mention 32pts
A Nature Mating Plumage & Green Lore Of Breeding Egret Sonja Haske Voted Acc. 32pts
A Nature Jelly Fish Brandon Wanke 31pts
A Nature UP Fall Splendor Wanda Finn 31pts
A Nature Tastes Like Chicken? Rachel Teske 31pts
A Nature Wary Pelican Al Sheldon Voted Acc. 31pts
A Nature Beautiful Butterfly Tia Gray 28pts
A Nature Silent Snow Eileen Roesler 25pts
A Nature Blue Fly Jerry Weigel 25pts
A Nature Nuthatch Shirley Gates 25pts
A Nature Beautiful Butterfly Bob Mueller 23pts
A Open What you looking at Mike Hanson 1st Place 35pts
A Open Searching Cougar Wanda Finn 2nd Place 35pts
A Open Achitecture John Schilling 3rd Place 33pts
A Open Into the unknown Kim Ambrose Hon. Mention 31pts
A Open Let The Chips Fall Jerry Weigel Hon. Mention 31pts
A Open Yellow as the Sun Phyllis Feiock Hon. Mention 30pts
A Open Old Covered Wagon Brandon Wanke Hon. Mention 30pts
A Open Star Burst Eileen Roesler 29pts
A Open Country Church Shirley Gates 29pts
A Open Shrine Window John Zoerb 29pts
A Open Canal John Schilling 28pts
A Open Aw Nuts, You Found Me! Rachel Teske 28pts
A Open Split Rock Lighthouse Brian Narveson 28pts
A Open Pretty Petals Kristi Olson Voted Acc. 28pts
A Open Cool Bean! Kim Ambrose 28pts
A Open Roadside Market Doyle Gates 27pts
A Open Rose Garden - San Joses, CA Bob Mueller 27pts
A Open Soybean Harvest Doyle Gates 26pts
A Open Colorado Kids Brian Narveson 26pts
A BW prints Lovers Kelly Retzlaff-... 1st Place 35pts
A BW prints Winter Peace Brian Narveson 2nd Place 35pts
A BW prints Oriental Fans Kristi Olson 3rd Place 33pts