Competition results

2019 April Competition
C Category Title Maker Place / Points
B Creative Lupine Cyndy Thorn 1st Place 32pts
B Creative the bridge Donnalee Hoelzen 2nd Place 31pts
B Creative End of the Line Lisa Gray 3rd Place 31pts
B Creative Star Wars Warp Speed Paula Clements 31pts
B Creative Keyless Lisa Gray 28pts
B Creative Down The Road Cyndy Thorn 27pts
2019 March Competition
C Category Title Maker Place / Points
A Open Dandelion Kristi Olson 1st Place 39pts
A Open Loon Family Kelly Retzlaff-... 2nd Place 38pts
A Open Adopt Me John Zoerb 3rd Place 37pts
A Open Sunrise At Crex Meadows Kelly Retzlaff-... Hon. Mention 36pts
A Open Lofoten Fishing Village Hans Madland Hon. Mention 36pts
A Open Hummingbird Hans Madland Hon. Mention 35pts
A Open World War II At-6 "Texan" Trainers David Skoog 34pts
A Open Wing Walker David Skoog 33pts
A Open Smoke Storm Daniel McKenzie 33pts
A Open Full Moon over LaCrosse Brian Narveson 33pts
A Open Golden Gate Brandon Wanke 32pts
A Open Striped Skunk Al Sheldon 32pts
A Open King of the Zoo Mike Hanson 32pts
A Open Foggy Bridge Daniel McKenzie 31pts
A Open Dim the Lights Debbie Hanson 29pts
A Open Timber Rattlesnake Al Sheldon 29pts
A Open I Feel like I have been Forgotten Phyllis Feiock 28pts
A Open Frozen Nest Rachel Teske 28pts
A Open Iowa Ice Caves Mike Hanson 26pts
A Open Red Chairs Viewing Duluth Harbor Phyllis Feiock 26pts
A Open The Old Shed Tia Gray 24pts
A Challenge Round Barn Kristi Olson 1st Place 35pts
A Challenge St. Paul Skyline Brandon Wanke 2nd Place 35pts
A Challenge Planet LaCrosse Brian Narveson 3rd Place 33pts
A Challenge Farm Buildings Shirley Gates Hon. Mention 33pts
A Challenge Milwaukee Art Museum Sonja Haske 31pts
A Challenge Downtown at Dusk Kim Ambrose 31pts
A Challenge Eastern State Penitentiary Sue Retzlaff 30pts
A Color prints Painted Thistle Kristi Olson 1st Place 41pts
A Color prints Goose Island Reflections Phyllis Feiock 2nd Place 37pts
A Color prints Is Mom coming? Brian Narveson 3rd Place 36pts
A Color prints Prancing Prince Tia Gray Hon. Mention 35pts
A Color prints Four Pelicans John Zoerb Hon. Mention 34pts
A Color prints Three Succulents John Zoerb Hon. Mention 34pts
A Color prints Sailboat Club Kristi Olson Hon. Mention 34pts
A Color prints Nature's Art--Perrot State Park Brian Narveson 34pts
A Color prints Fall Sunset Eileen Roesler 32pts
A Color prints Red Barn Brandon Wanke 32pts
A Color prints Creek in Winter Doyle Gates 31pts
A Color prints Wild Horses of North Dakota Kelly Retzlaff-... 31pts
A Color prints Pastel Barn Brandon Wanke 31pts
A Color prints The Lone Tree Shirley Gates 30pts
A Color prints Frozen Creek Doyle Gates 26pts
A People Siblings Debbie Hanson 1st Place 36pts