Competition results

2019 March Competition
C Category Title Maker Place / Points
A People Snow Cave Shirley Gates 2nd Place 33pts
A People Reenactor Doyle Gates 3rd Place 31pts
A People Cat in the Hat Dancer Sonja Haske Hon. Mention 31pts
A People California Cutie Doyle Gates Hon. Mention 30pts
A People Happy in the middle Kim Ambrose 30pts
A People Little Brother John Schilling 29pts
A People Little Packer Fan Rachel Teske 29pts
A People Calling my bookie John Schilling 29pts
A People Farmer Nathan Tia Gray 29pts
A People Weekend Fishing Eileen Roesler 26pts
B Open Sunrise Cindy Hanson 1st Place 37pts
B Open Icy Lily Judith Bautch 2nd Place 37pts
B Open I can't hear you! Paula Clements 3rd Place 36pts
B Open Wintery Country Roads Danette Jessie Hon. Mention 35pts
B Open January Leaf Cyndy Thorn Hon. Mention 35pts
B Open Here Comes the Sun Cyndy Thorn Hon. Mention 34pts
B Open Whooo thinks I'm sleeping? Paula Clements 33pts
B Open Study by Lamplight Judith Bautch 32pts
B Open Downy Woodpecker John McCormack 32pts
B Open 5 bells and all's well Dave Halverson 31pts
B Open future photographer Autumn Hanson 28pts
B Open Snowy Squirrel Nancy Olds 26pts
B Open Pretty Summer Moss Rachel Gilbertson 25pts
B Open My Ship Came In, But Curt Murray 25pts
B Challenge The Arch Lisa Gray 1st Place 34pts
B Challenge Capital Groove Kathy Landsinger 2nd Place 31pts
B Challenge The Eye of the Dome Lisa Gray 3rd Place 27pts
B Challenge Da Bridges Peter Taylor Hon. Mention 27pts
B Challenge Dresbach Overpasses Peter Taylor Hon. Mention 27pts
B Challenge Chateau Frontenac Dave Halverson 26pts
B Challenge A different point of view Donnalee Hoelzen 23pts
B Color prints Swedish Church Curt Murray Acceptance 33pts
B Color prints Notre Dame of Quebec city Dave Halverson Acceptance 32pts
B People Waiting Curt Murray 1st Place 37pts
B People Gavin Autumn Hanson 2nd Place 34pts
B People Tight Squeeze Doug Darelius 3rd Place 34pts
B People Cute As A Bug Rachel Gilbertson Hon. Mention 33pts
B People Jumping Waves Gary Olds 32pts
B People Dive Team John McCormack 30pts
B People cool dude Cindy Hanson 29pts
B People Pink Hearts Doug Darelius 27pts
B People Sr Seriousness Danette Jessie 27pts
2019 February Competition
C Category Title Maker Place / Points
A Nature Snowberry Clearwing Al Sheldon 1st Place 37pts
A Nature Great Grey Pounces Kelly Retzlaff-... 2nd Place 34pts
A Nature A Rocky Island Hans Madland 3rd Place 33pts
A Nature Ring-billed Gull Al Sheldon Hon. Mention 33pts
A Nature There Goes Dinner Wanda Finn Hon. Mention 32pts
A Nature Fishing Kelly Retzlaff-... Hon. Mention 32pts
A Nature Boundary Waters Lake Scene Hans Madland 32pts
A Nature Leaf in ice #9 John Zoerb 31pts