Competition results

2017 December Competition
C Category Title Maker Place / Points
A Open Shine Bright Katie Weisbecker 30pts
A Open Reflections in the Bean Brian Barney 29pts
A Open Red-eared Slider Al Sheldon 29pts
A Open Parade Rest Bob Mueller 28pts
A Open Sunset on the Farm Paul Abraham 28pts
A Open Silverware #2 John Zoerb 28pts
A Open Soybean Harvest Doyle Gates 28pts
A Open Sunshine on the Lily Pond Bob Mueller 27pts
A BW prints Running Wild Brian Narveson 1st Place 40pts
A BW prints The Shrine Bob Mueller 3rd Place 37pts
A BW prints Rusty Hinge John Zoerb 2nd Place 37pts
A BW prints Beach Treasures Kristi Olson Hon. Mention 36pts
A BW prints Brothers in Arms Paul Abraham Hon. Mention 35pts
A BW prints Coffee and Crossword Shirley Gates 34pts
A BW prints Neightfeldt Family Farm Debbie Abraham 34pts
A BW prints I said, No Photos!!!! Phyllis Feiock 32pts
A BW prints Badlands Brandon Wanke 31pts
A BW prints The Cowboy Doyle Gates 30pts
A Creative Garden Skull Debbie Abraham 1st Place 38pts
A Creative Peaceful Grazing Rachel Teske 2nd Place 37pts
A Creative Wishing Puff Kristi Olson 3rd Place 35pts
A Creative Lonely Tree Paul Abraham Hon. Mention 34pts
A Creative Chain Reaction Shirley Gates Hon. Mention 34pts
A Creative Frost on Tree #3 Eileen Roesler Hon. Mention 34pts
A Creative What the Fork? Kim Ambrose 32pts
A Creative Fruits and Veggies Debbie Abraham 31pts
A Creative Jesus, the True Light of Christmas Katie Weisbecker 31pts
A Creative Maine Lighthouse Mike Hanson 30pts
A Creative 8176 Jerry Weigel Voted Acc. 30pts
A Creative Train to the Future Brian Narveson 30pts
A Creative Untitled Doyle Gates 29pts
A Creative Rotary Snowman Michelle Cox 27pts
B Nature Winter weeds Daniel McKenzie 1st Place 34pts
B Nature December Sunset Kristen Churkey 3rd Place 33pts
B Nature Spoonbills Salute to the Sun Sonja Haske 2nd Place 33pts
B Nature Teton Ice Lisa Gray Hon. Mention 30pts
B Nature Dew on the Web Dave Halverson Hon. Mention 30pts
B Nature Leaves Paula Clements 29pts
B Nature You're close enough John McCormack 28pts
B Nature Sunrise Cindy Hanson 26pts
B Nature Ice Castle Tia Gray 26pts
B Nature West Fork Chippewa River Gary Olds 24pts
B Nature Common Milkweed at Sunset Kristen Churkey 18pts
B Open Minnesota Mosquito Daniel McKenzie 1st Place 37pts
B Open Sunrise in Maine Cindy Hanson 2nd Place 36pts
B Open Little Max Cyndy Thorn 3rd Place 34pts
B Open Help me push John McCormack Hon. Mention 34pts
B Open Neighbor's Windmill Cyndy Thorn Hon. Mention 33pts
B Open Sunrise Gives a Special Swath of Light Sonja Haske Hon. Mention 33pts
B Open Road of Fall Colors Nancy Olds Hon. Mention 32pts