Competition results

2018 February Competition
C Category Title Maker Place / Points
A BW prints Stonefield Doyle Gates 31pts
A BW prints Amish Schoolhouse Eileen Roesler 30pts
A BW prints The Thinker Shirley Gates 30pts
A BW prints 12 windows Paul Abraham 29pts
A BW prints The Vanity Kristi Olson 29pts
A BW prints Slap Shot Brian Narveson 26pts
A BW prints Best Friends Bob Mueller 29pts
A People Eyes that Sparkle Debbie Abraham 1st Place 35pts
A People Please Paul Abraham 2nd Place 31pts
A People Brrrr Mike Hanson 3rd Place 31pts
A People Jenny B Ken Truax Hon. Mention 30pts
A People LOVE Kim Ambrose Hon. Mention 29pts
A People Ashton Wanda Finn Hon. Mention 29pts
A People Delightful Gaze Katie Weisbecker Hon. Mention 29pts
A People Brothers Brian Narveson 29pts
A People Girl in Red Shirley Gates 29pts
A People Hey, Dude Shirley Gates 29pts
A People Little Blondie Brandon Wanke 28pts
A People Let's put our heads together Kim Ambrose 28pts
A People Mother & Son Kristi Olson 28pts
A People Lonesome watcher Daniel McKenzie 28pts
A People Rendezvous Man Doyle Gates 27pts
A People High School Days Rachel Teske 27pts
A People Country Boy Paul Abraham 26pts
A People My Friend Micah Brandon Wanke 25pts
A People ATV Rider Doyle Gates 24pts
A Creative Carnation in Space Rachel Teske 1st Place 36pts
A Creative Delicate Dahlia Kristi Olson 2nd Place 34pts
A Creative Lead Me Katie Weisbecker 3rd Place 34pts
A Creative Escape Brian Narveson Hon. Mention 34pts
A Creative Negative Stairs Paul Abraham Hon. Mention 32pts
A Creative And in the Vegetable Aisle You'll Find the Radishes and Green Onions Phyllis Feiock 31pts
A Creative Crafting Supplies Peder Schoenfeld 30pts
A Creative Tubes Daniel McKenzie 29pts
A Creative Snowman Chiaroscuro Kim Ambrose 28pts
A Creative Electrified Splash Peder Schoenfeld Voted Acc. 28pts
A Creative Tiger Doyle Gates 27pts
A Creative Blue Strawberries Eileen Roesler 27pts
B Open Sparta Sunset Larry Beaver 1st Place 36pts
B Open Beauty is only skin deep Cindy Hanson 2nd Place 32pts
B Open Favorite verses Donnalee Hoelzen 3rd Place 32pts
B Open Fire in the Hole Curt Murray Hon. Mention 32pts
B Open Sideshow Symmetry Doug Darelius Hon. Mention 31pts
B Open Dreaming of Spring Sonja Haske Hon. Mention 30pts
B Open Captive Jellyfish Larry Beaver Hon. Mention 30pts
B Open Crystal delight Linda Clark Hon. Mention 30pts
B Open Miss Daisy Julie Miller 30pts
B Open Lunch Time Julie Wanke 29pts
B Open Teton Beauty Lisa Gray 28pts
B Open Tree Swallow Feeding Time Alan Miller 28pts