Competition results

2017 May Competition
C Category Title Maker Place / Points
A People Rendezvous Reenactor Shirley Gates 26pts
A People The surfer 2 John Schilling 25pts
B Open Stars and Silos Joe Baumann 1st Place 37pts
B Open Seeing The Ocean Waves From Underneath Sonja Haske 2nd Place 36pts
B Open Beauty at La Crosse Floral Rachel Teske 3rd Place 34pts
B Open Solitude Daniel McKenzie Hon. Mention 31pts
B Open Central Park (New York) Cindy Hanson Hon. Mention 31pts
B Open Window Framed in Shadow Tia Gray Hon. Mention 31pts
B Open Sunset in Costa Rica Donnalee Hoelzen Hon. Mention 30pts
B Open Equine Santa Tia Gray Hon. Mention 30pts
B Open Carhop Memories Nancy Olds 30pts
B Open Gorgeous Water Falls Gary Olds 30pts
B Open And It Just Started to Bloom... Joe Baumann 29pts
B Open A Pair of Belgians Tia Gray 29pts
B Open Darth Duck Daniel McKenzie Voted Acc. 29pts
B Open Sandy Kathy Landsinger 29pts
B Open Ready to Fly Bob Mueller 28pts
B Open Sandhill Crane Nesting David Skoog Voted Acc. 28pts
B Open Between the Trees Gary Olds 28pts
B Open Flowers are the best part of spring Donnalee Hoelzen 28pts
B Open Frozen Dinner Linda Clark 27pts
B Open Straw Flower Paula Clements 27pts
B Open Blowin' in the Wind Tia Gray 26pts
B Open Solitude Bob Mueller 26pts
B Open Cruising Nancy Olds 25pts
B Open let sleeping ducks lie Dave Halverson 24pts
B Open Fuzzy Succulant Paula Clements 22pts
B Challenge My street, sort of! Rachel Teske 1st Place 38pts
B Challenge Old Fire Truck Kristie Lawrence 2nd Place 31pts
B Challenge Streets of New York Cindy Hanson Hon. Mention 28pts
B Challenge Street Scene In St. Augustine, FL Sonja Haske 25pts
B Challenge street side table Dave Halverson 18pts
B Challenge Grandad fog Daniel McKenzie 18pts
B Color prints Calla Lily Trumpets Bob Mueller Hon. Mention 33pts
B Color prints Saddle and Spurs Tia Gray 29pts
B People Sprinting to the Finish --100 meter hurdles Bob Mueller 1st Place 34pts
B People Addie Cindy Hanson 2nd Place 34pts
B People Boy in Snow Tunnel Tia Gray 3rd Place 33pts
B People Jogger on the marsh trail Rachel Teske Hon. Mention 29pts
B People Sitting on the porch Tia Gray 29pts
B People Heavy thinker Donnalee Hoelzen 28pts
B People Twins In The Late Afternoon Sun Sonja Haske 27pts
B People dressed for the ski hill Dave Halverson 26pts
B People Cement People Gary Olds 24pts
2017 April Competition
C Category Title Maker Place / Points
A Nature Just Resting Phyllis Feiock 1st Place 36pts
A Nature Backyard Beggar Brian Narveson 2nd Place 34pts
A Nature Splash of Color at Mammoth Springs Wanda Finn 3rd Place 32pts
A Nature Mushrooms Sue Retzlaff Hon. Mention 32pts
A Nature Winter's Weed Eileen Roesler Hon. Mention 31pts
A Nature Sandhill Cranes Al Sheldon Hon. Mention 31pts