Competition results

2018 November Competition
C Category Title Maker Place / Points
A Color prints Twisty Bob Mueller 30pts
A Color prints Sunup Mike Earley 29pts
A Color prints I'm Confused Tia Gray 27pts
A Color prints Wisconsin-Open for Business Al Sheldon 30pts
A People Old Camera - Young Photographer Sonja Haske 1st Place 39pts
A People WI State Track Meet - Girl's Competition Bob Mueller 2nd Place 37pts
A People Little Blue Eyes Shirley Gates 3rd Place 37pts
A People Father & Daughter Kim Ambrose Hon. Mention 36pts
A People Civil War Reenactor Kristi Olson Hon. Mention 34pts
A People Under the Willow Kim Ambrose Hon. Mention 34pts
A People Reenactor Doyle Gates 33pts
A People Anticipation Daniel McKenzie 32pts
A People Small business-Ruth's Rides John Schilling 32pts
A People Man's Best Friend Debbie Hanson 31pts
A People Show Choir on the Streets Rachel Teske 31pts
A People Shrek -Resting for the Climb Bob Mueller 29pts
A People Bird Nerd Hans Madland 28pts
A People Shhh-I'm fishing here. John Schilling 28pts
A People Going toward the light Daniel McKenzie 28pts
B Nature Beauty of the Monarch Kristen Churkey 1st Place 33pts
B Nature Save the Bees Kathy Landsinger 2nd Place 31pts
B Nature Perfect is Overrated Paula Clements 3rd Place 31pts
B Nature Feeding Time Gary Olds 29pts
B Nature Beach Angel Dave Halverson 27pts
B Nature Leaf Kathy Landsinger 26pts
B Nature Out for a stroll Danette Jessie 23pts
B Nature Colorful Dominican Republic Flowers Nancy Olds 23pts
B Challenge By the trout stream Doug Darelius 1st Place 37pts
B Challenge Prairie Barn Curt Murray 2nd Place 37pts
B Challenge Dakota Barn Curt Murray 3rd Place 32pts
B Challenge sunny morning reflections Dave Halverson Hon. Mention 32pts
B Challenge The Barn in Fall Paula Clements Hon. Mention 30pts
B Challenge Barn on Fort Ridgley Ridge Cyndy Thorn 29pts
B Challenge Barn Autumn Hanson 28pts
B Challenge The Ghostly Barn Cindy Hanson 27pts
B Challenge Roadside Barn View Danette Jessie 25pts
B Color prints Reflections of Fall Paula Clements Acceptance 35pts
B Color prints Four Feet Lisa Gray Acceptance 31pts
B Color prints Boat House Reflection Paula Clements 29pts
B Color prints Waiting for the Prairie Wind Dave Halverson Acceptance 30pts
B People My Maria Cyndy Thorn 1st Place 37pts
B People Look Robert Hermann 2nd Place 36pts
B People Happy Anja Tom Monson 3rd Place 36pts
B People Mother of the Bride Donnalee Hoelzen Hon. Mention 34pts
B People Reenactor #2 Lisa Gray Hon. Mention 33pts
B People Elsa Learning to Swim Tom Monson Hon. Mention 32pts
B People Water Logged Gary Olds 32pts
B People Face painting at the fair Donnalee Hoelzen 31pts
B People Young & in Love Kristen Churkey 30pts
B People Determination Doug Darelius 29pts