Competition results

2019 February Competition
C Category Title Maker Place / Points
A People Smile Doyle Gates 27pts
A People Mom on my swing Brandon Wanke 26pts
B Nature cardinal in snow Cindy Hanson 1st Place 32pts
B Nature Searching Curt Murray 2nd Place 31pts
B Nature Crystal tree at willow river falls Dave Halverson 3rd Place 31pts
B Nature Honeysuckle Paula Clements 27pts
B Nature Goose Island John McCormack 18pts
B Open Frosty Morning Cyndy Thorn 1st Place 34pts
B Open Abandoned Curt Murray 2nd Place 31pts
B Open So Handsome Danette Jessie 3rd Place 29pts
B Open New York Lisa Gray Hon. Mention 29pts
B Open Pink delight Donnalee Hoelzen Hon. Mention 29pts
B Open Pretty in white Donnalee Hoelzen 28pts
B Open Lets take a peek Dave Halverson 28pts
B Open Self Reflection Kristen Churkey 27pts
B Open Ms. Dryocopus pileatus Kristen Churkey 27pts
B Open Snowy Cones Paula Clements 26pts
B BW prints Sketched Zinna Cyndy Thorn Acceptance 32pts
B BW prints Musical Spoons Lisa Gray 28pts
B People Flathead on beach John McCormack 1st Place 39pts
B People Catching Air Doug Darelius 2nd Place 38pts
B People In the CRP Field Cyndy Thorn 3rd Place 35pts
B People Libby Doug Darelius Hon. Mention 34pts
B People Photographer in progress Cindy Hanson 32pts
B People Happy Boy Lisa Gray 31pts
B People FBP Happiness Danette Jessie 26pts
B People Addisyn Autumn Hanson 26pts
B People Lion Autumn Hanson 18pts
2019 January Competition
C Category Title Maker Place / Points
A Nature Phoebe John Zoerb 1st Place 40pts
A Nature Scoliid Wasp Al Sheldon 2nd Place 40pts
A Nature A Pair of Trumpeter Swans Sonja Haske 3rd Place 38pts
A Nature Pussywillow Shirley Gates Hon. Mention 38pts
A Nature A Frosty Spruce Rachel Teske Hon. Mention 37pts
A Nature Small heron John Zoerb Hon. Mention 37pts
A Nature Cruisin' Pelican Mike Hanson Hon. Mention 35pts
A Nature Atlantic Puffin in Breeding Plumage Hans Madland Hon. Mention 34pts
A Nature Hooded Merganser Al Sheldon 34pts
A Nature Maverick and Iceman Daniel McKenzie 34pts
A Nature Eagle in Flight Doyle Gates 33pts
A Nature Falls Creek Falls Mike Hanson 31pts
A Nature Siblings Wanda Finn 30pts
A Nature The Tree John Schilling 29pts
A Nature Yesterday's Birch Phyllis Feiock 29pts
A Nature See You Later Jerry Weigel 29pts
A Nature Horseshoe Falls Sue Retzlaff 28pts
A Nature Pure North John Schilling 28pts
A Nature Sunset #4 Eileen Roesler 27pts
A Nature Profils Jerry Weigel 27pts
A Challenge Birthday Girl Rachel Teske Acceptance 37pts
A Challenge Apple of My Eye Brian Narveson Acceptance 31pts