Competition results

2017 April Competition
C Category Title Maker Place / Points
A Creative Fruit Shirley Gates 26pts
A Creative Creative Cowboy Brandon Wanke 26pts
A Creative Personal and exciting John Schilling 23pts
B Nature Shore Lunch Curt Murray 1st Place 39pts
B Nature Northern Flicker David Skoog 2nd Place 37pts
B Nature Enjoying the Sunset Joe Baumann 3rd Place 36pts
B Nature Squirrel Monkey - Costa Rica Bob Mueller Hon. Mention 32pts
B Nature The Social Gathering - Roosevelt Elk Bob Mueller Hon. Mention 32pts
B Nature Quiet Morning Dave Halverson Hon. Mention 31pts
B Nature Wood Duck David Skoog Voted Acc. 31pts
B Nature Woke Up on the Wrong Side of the Nest Joe Baumann 30pts
B Nature foggy morning Cindy Hanson 29pts
B Nature A "Courting" Sandhill Crane Sonja Haske 29pts
B Nature There can never be too many pictures of butterflies! Donnalee Hoelzen 29pts
B Nature We See You! Paula Clements 28pts
B Nature Busy Beaver Was Here Rachel Teske 25pts
B Nature Nice Catch Dave Halverson 22pts
B Nature Misty Horse Daniel McKenzie 18pts
B Open Geranium bud Rachel Teske 1st Place 36pts
B Open Coming in for a Landing Joe Baumann 2nd Place 36pts
B Open Greenhouse Gerbers Sonja Haske 3rd Place 33pts
B Open Bike Racer Curt Murray Hon. Mention 32pts
B Open games Cindy Hanson Hon. Mention 31pts
B Open Cool Morning Rain Daniel McKenzie Hon. Mention 30pts
B Open Flying the Mighty Linda Clark 29pts
B Open Great River Road Joe Baumann 29pts
B Open Ansel Adams Gallery - Yosemite Bob Mueller 28pts
B Open Muddy Sap Hauler Curt Murray 28pts
B Open Pretty Pansy Paula Clements 27pts
B Open Welcome! Paula Clements 27pts
B Open Tunnel Vision Linda Clark 27pts
B Open they don't come here any more Dave Halverson 27pts
B Open All I want for Xmas Drew Kozicki 24pts
B BW prints World Trade Center -2011 Construction Bob Mueller Hon. Mention 29pts
B BW prints Farmer Boy Tia Gray 26pts
B Creative Surreal Stairwell Daniel McKenzie 1st Place 35pts
B Creative Amnicon Falls in the Late Afternoon Sonja Haske 2nd Place 30pts
B Creative Alley in Spain Donnalee Hoelzen 3rd Place 26pts
B Creative Onalaska Riverfront - through a Crystal Ball Rachel Teske 26pts
B Creative The Blues Kathy Landsinger 26pts
B Creative mr. racoon Cindy Hanson 25pts
B Creative Pretty balls Donnalee Hoelzen 25pts
2017 March Competition
C Category Title Maker Place / Points
A Nature This is My Lunch! Wanda Finn 1st Place 38pts
A Nature Elephant Pool Chris Scherwinski 2nd Place 38pts
A Nature Seagull At Rest Kristi Olson 3rd Place 38pts
A Nature Swallow Tailed Bee Eater Chris Scherwinski Hon. Mention 33pts
A Nature Teton Splendor Mike Hanson Hon. Mention 32pts
A Nature Tufted Titmouse in Snowstorm Shirley Gates Hon. Mention 31pts
A Nature Nature's Tiny Spindler Katie Weisbecker 31pts
A Nature Mrs. Wolf and babies Mike Hanson 31pts