Competition results

2018 January Competition
C Category Title Maker Place / Points
A Creative Follow Me Wanda Finn 32pts
A Creative Be the Last Light Shining Katie Weisbecker 31pts
A Creative Pink Rose Paul Abraham 31pts
A Creative Flying Away Mike Hanson 30pts
A Creative Sitting Pretty Debbie Abraham 30pts
B Nature Snowy Egret Larry Beaver 1st Place 36pts
B Nature Well, Good Morning to You Too! Sonja Haske 2nd Place 34pts
B Nature Pine Cone Paula Clements 3rd Place 32pts
B Nature Early Bloom Judith Bautch Hon. Mention 31pts
B Nature Nature's Pretzel Tia Gray Hon. Mention 30pts
B Nature Fall day Cindy Hanson 29pts
B Nature New Jersey Bird, American Goldfinch John McCormack 28pts
B Nature Morning Sparkle Paula Clements 28pts
B Nature I'm outta here John McCormack 27pts
B Challenge Just married Donnalee Hoelzen 1st Place 32pts
B Challenge Hands of Time Julie Miller 2nd Place 31pts
B Challenge Hands of love Cindy Hanson 3rd Place 27pts
B Challenge Stable Hand Tia Gray 27pts
B Challenge Hands Julie Miller 25pts
B Challenge Hands Forming a Sunset Heart Sonja Haske 23pts
B Color prints The Violin Tia Gray Acceptance 38pts
B Color prints Apple a Day Lisa Gray Acceptance 35pts
B Color prints Guide Telling History of Fort Sonja Haske Acceptance 30pts
B Color prints Fall Leaves Paula Clements Acceptance 30pts
B Creative Forever Yours Donnalee Hoelzen 1st Place 38pts
B Creative Harness Racing Alan Miller 2nd Place 36pts
B Creative Cookie Pizzazz Paula Clements 3rd Place 35pts
B Creative Revised Pink Lady Slipper Sonja Haske Hon. Mention 34pts
B Creative fun with flowers-thanks to Brian Donnalee Hoelzen Hon. Mention 34pts
B Creative Rhett the Weanling Cyndy Thorn Hon. Mention 33pts
B Creative Misty Moisty Morning Judith Bautch 32pts
B Creative Hot Peppers Lisa Gray 32pts
B Creative Citrus Bubbles Larry Beaver 32pts
B Creative Just a Pair Tia Gray 32pts
B Creative The Gauge Lisa Gray Voted Acc. 31pts
B Creative the chandelier Cyndy Thorn 30pts
B Creative Enhanced Beauty Alan Miller 29pts
B Creative Lighthouse Cindy Hanson 28pts
B Creative Water Bench John McCormack 27pts
2017 December Competition
C Category Title Maker Place / Points
A Nature Eagle on the Run Wanda Finn 1st Place 40pts
A Nature Rainy Day Cranes Al Sheldon 2nd Place 39pts
A Nature Yum-Yum John Zoerb 3rd Place 38pts
A Nature Snake Pit Falls Paul Abraham Hon. Mention 37pts
A Nature Great Horned Owl Brian Narveson Hon. Mention 36pts
A Nature Grasshopper Brian Barney Hon. Mention 34pts
A Nature Spring Bud Kristi Olson Hon. Mention 33pts
A Nature Papa Smurf Mike Hanson 32pts
A Nature Autumn Sunset Eileen Roesler 31pts
A Nature Freckled Maple Kim Ambrose 31pts
A Nature Blowin' in the Wind Shirley Gates 30pts