Competition results

2018 October Competition
C Category Title Maker Place / Points
A Creative Flower And Bug Sonja Haske 3rd Place 36pts
A Creative Bug on a Black Eye Susan Wanda Finn Hon. Mention 34pts
A Creative I Seee You!! Phyllis Feiock Hon. Mention 34pts
A Creative Autumn Gold Doyle Gates Voted Acc. 34pts
A Creative Water Lily Peder Schoenfeld 31pts
A Creative Psychedelic Barge Daniel McKenzie 31pts
A Creative Blue Dome Shirley Gates 30pts
A Creative Surprise Lily Plus Eileen Roesler 27pts
B Open Watchful Eye John McCormack 1st Place 41pts
B Open Bar Harbor sun rise Dave Halverson 2nd Place 36pts
B Open On a Summer's Eve Cyndy Thorn 3rd Place 35pts
B Open And you only noticed my hair? Doug Darelius Hon. Mention 34pts
B Open Trio Doug Darelius Hon. Mention 34pts
B Open The Chirping Trio Gary Olds Hon. Mention 32pts
B Open Lake Onalaska John McCormack Hon. Mention 31pts
B Open Debbie Autumn Hanson 31pts
B Open View from a window at Taliesin Donnalee Hoelzen 31pts
B Open Mist over Muskeg Scott Blanke 30pts
B Open Posing Pretty Donna Piette 28pts
B Open Lupine Beauty Paula Clements Voted Acc. 28pts
B Open Summer Splendor Judith Bautch 28pts
B Open Grand Hotel at Night Lisa Gray 28pts
B Open 11,000 feet up Kristen Churkey 28pts
B Open No Wind Today Nancy Wakefield 27pts
B Open Glacier Majesty Donna Piette 26pts
B Open American Duchess Kayla Berg 26pts
B Open Pretty Butterfly Nancy Olds 24pts
B Open Embers Nancy Wakefield 21pts
B People Think I'm Going to Get Wet Nancy Olds 1st Place 32pts
B People Autumn Cindy Hanson 2nd Place 31pts
B People Mischief Molly Kristen Churkey 3rd Place 29pts
B People Great Grief Paula Clements Hon. Mention 29pts
B People Pasture Portrait Cyndy Thorn 29pts
B People Rain Forest Walk Scott Blanke 24pts
B People Tiny dancer Dave Halverson 20pts
B Creative flowers Cindy Hanson 1st Place 35pts
B Creative Dream Weaver Kathy Landsinger 2nd Place 34pts
B Creative Colorful Water Front Buildings Gary Olds 3rd Place 31pts
B Creative Horse Eye Autumn Hanson Hon. Mention 30pts
B Creative Greenhouse flower with a little pizzazz Donnalee Hoelzen 29pts
B Creative Creative Bricks Lisa Gray 28pts
B Creative Zen Kathy Landsinger 27pts
2018 May Competition
C Category Title Maker Place / Points
A Nature Another bird on a stick Shirley Gates 1st Place 37pts
A Nature Great Egrets Al Sheldon 2nd Place 35pts
A Nature Peli profile Mike Hanson 3rd Place 34pts
A Nature Foggy Morning on Middle Cullen Lake David Skoog Hon. Mention 32pts
A Nature Tundra Swans Al Sheldon Hon. Mention 32pts
A Nature Warm Sunset Eileen Roesler Hon. Mention 31pts
A Nature Confused! Rachel Teske Hon. Mention 31pts
A Nature Perry Creek Debbie Abraham Hon. Mention 31pts