Competition results

2017 March Competition
C Category Title Maker Place / Points
A Nature Popular Female Al Sheldon 29pts
A Nature A really big and confused tree John Schilling 29pts
A Nature Cave Salamanders Al Sheldon 29pts
A Nature Leaf on Beach Kristi Olson 28pts
A Nature Dragon Fly on Flower Debbie Abraham 28pts
A Nature Leaf in ice #8 John Zoerb Voted Acc. 28pts
A Nature Dang that Ice is Cold Brian Narveson 28pts
A Nature Fall leaf Eileen Roesler 27pts
A Nature Hello, Mr. Frog! Jeff Richardson 27pts
A Nature Mushroom Doyle Gates 26pts
A Nature Fall Splendor Phyllis Feiock 25pts
A Challenge Kazoo Concerto Kristi Olson 1st Place 37pts
A Challenge Tia's Violin Brandon Wanke 2nd Place 37pts
A Challenge Old Style Mandolin Jeff Richardson 3rd Place 34pts
A Challenge Mustafa Ali Paul Abraham Hon. Mention 33pts
A Challenge Moderne Honeytone Jeff Richardson Hon. Mention 31pts
A Challenge Well-used #3 John Zoerb Hon. Mention 29pts
A Challenge Drums for Dancing Brian Narveson Voted Acc. 28pts
A Challenge Organ at St. Rose Shirley Gates 28pts
A Challenge Accordion Shirley Gates 28pts
A Challenge Micah's Baritone Brandon Wanke 28pts
A Challenge Brass John Schilling 27pts
A Challenge Remember When Wanda Finn 26pts
A Challenge Dulcimer and Maracas Doyle Gates 23pts
A Challenge My Sweet Song Katie Weisbecker 22pts
A Color prints On the edge #3 John Zoerb 1st Place 39pts
A Color prints The Mating Season for this Great White Egret Sonja Haske 2nd Place 38pts
A Color prints Backyard Abstract Kristi Olson 3rd Place 37pts
A Color prints Spring Thaw Phyllis Feiock Hon. Mention 34pts
A Color prints Tia Doyle Gates Hon. Mention 34pts
A Color prints Bears Night Out Brian Narveson 32pts
A Color prints Stone Arch Bridge Shirley Gates 31pts
A Color prints COLOR Print is the category John Schilling 30pts
A Color prints Black Horse Eileen Roesler 30pts
A Color prints Just washed my hair and can't do a thing with it Bob Mueller 30pts
A Color prints St. Anthony Falls Brandon Wanke 28pts
A People Millie Brian Barney 1st Place 41pts
A People Wayfarer Paul Abraham 2nd Place 40pts
A People Camden in the mist Mike Hanson 3rd Place 35pts
A People Bored Boy Debbie Abraham Hon. Mention 34pts
A People Fall Fairy Paul Abraham Hon. Mention 32pts
A People Happy to be a Cub Scout Brian Narveson 32pts
A People Mack Kim Ambrose 32pts
A People Boy and chipmunks John Zoerb 31pts
A People My Old Crow Debbie Abraham 30pts
A People I'm Just Waiting Wanda Finn 29pts
A People Can you believe it it his 12th birthday? John Schilling 29pts
A People The Race Kim Ambrose 28pts
A People Acrobat Eileen Roesler 28pts
A People Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Katie Weisbecker 27pts