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Norskedalen Civil War Immersion

Camera Club members should meet at the visitor's center at 11am to coordinate.

Company B 2nd Wisconsin Civil War Re-enactors bring history to life during the Civil War Heritage Weekend held on the grounds of Norskedalen. Each year, the second weekend of October sees Norskedalen transform into a different area in the war torn South.  2019’s Civil War weekend at Norskedalen will portray action surrounding Turner’s Gap, where Wisconsin’s own Iron Brigade fought against the Confederates. This battle was part of a larger struggle that would two days later lead to the bloodiest battle of the Civil War, Antietam.

$6 adult, $3 child age 6-12, Family $15 Parents with children under age 18;  Norskedalen embers Complimentary.

Sat, Oct 12, 2019 at 11am-5pm
Type: Field trip
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