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Fundamentals of Photography (Joel Sartore)
Disc 1

1. Making Great Pictures
2. Camera Equipment--What You Need
3. Lenses and Focal Length
4. Shutter Speeds
5. Aperture and Depth of Field
6. Light I--Found or Ambient Light

Disc 2
7. Light II--Color and Intensity
8. Light III--Introduced Light
9. Composition I--Seeing Well
10. Composition II--Background and Perspective
11. Composition III--Framing and Layering
12. Let's Go to Work--Landscapes

Disc 3
13. Let's Go to Work--Wildlife
14. Let's Go to Work--People and Relationships
15. Let's Go to Work--From Mundane to Extraordinary
16. Let's Go to Work--Special Occasions
17. Let's Go to Work--Family Vacations
18. Advanced Topics--Research and Preparation

Disc 4
19. Advanced Topics--Macro Photography
20. Advanced Topics--Low Light
21. Advanced Topics--Problem Solving
22. After the Snap--Workflow and Organization
23. Editing--Choosing the Right Image
24. Telling a Story with Pictures--The Photo Essay

Fundamentals of Photography II (Joel Sartore)
Disc 1
1. Find the Picture
2. Understanding Light
3. Working with Light in a Landscape
4. Taking Photos under and around Water
5. Photographing Reflections and Reflectivity
6. Photographing Shadows and Backlighting

Disc 2
7. Big Results from Little Lights
8. Taking Studio Light Outdoors
9. Human Portrait Photography
10. Animal Photography
11. Night Photography
12. Art Photography: Perspective and Illusions

Disc 3
13 Art Photography: Having Fun
14 Art Photography: Still Life
15 Black-and-White Photography
16 Elevating Your Perspective: Photo from Above
17 Smartphone Photography
18 The Decisive Moment in Photography

Disc 4
19. Live Event Photography--Farmers' Market
20. Live Event Photography--T-Ball
21. Live Event Photography--House Party
22. Live Event Photography--A Day at the Ranch
23. Live Event Photography--Family Fishing Night
24. Editing, Culling, and Critiquing Your Photos

Masters of Photography
Disc 1
1. Redefine Adventure (Cory Richards)
2. Broaden Your View (Cory Richards)
3. Show What No One Has Shown (Stephen Alvarez)
4. Set the Scene, Get Close (Stephen Alvarez)
Wild Life
5. Understand the Animal (Steve Winter)
6. Use All the Tools (Steve Winter)

Disc 2
Wildlife (continued)
7. Make a Difference (Joel Sartore)
8. Go Back, Get It Right (Joel Sartore)
Landscapes and Nature
9. The Joys of Nature (James Richardson)
10. Exploring Landscapes (James Richardson)
11. Guide the Eye (Michael Yamashita)
12. Moment in Landscape (Michael Yamashita)

Disc 3
People in Their Environments
13. Gaining Trust (Jodi Cobb)
14. Uncover the Human Condition (Jodi Cobb)
15. Build Relationships (Ira Block)
16. Use the Background (Ira Block)
olor and Light
17. Good, Bad, and Magic Light (Michael Melford)
18. Wait and Work the Shot (Michael Melford)

Disc 4
Color and Light continued
19. Compose with Color (Annie Griffiths)
20. Write with Light (Annie Griffiths)
21. 50 Years of Telling Stories (William Allard)
22. Moment, Gesture, Place (William Allard)
23. Engaging the World (Ed Kashi)
24. Raising Awareness (Ed Kashi)