2021 February Competition - B Prints

Category: Prints

The print category is for entering physical prints. Images may be personally or commercially printed. A digital copy of the image is submitted to the website for display in the gallery but the actual print is judged. Judges will take into account the mounting and matting, which isn't represented in the digital image. See Submitting Prints for more information preparing the physical print.

The subcategory will indicate whether the images should be in Color or Black and White for this competition.

Subcategory: Black and white prints

Images must be monochromatic but there are no restrictions on image content. Sepia or other tints are accepted; no special or selective color treatment is allowed.

Gallery is available
Jan 31 05:00pm
Feb 7 05:00pm
Feb 9 06:30pm

This competition has been judged and shown at the meeting. You can see the results in the gallery below