Chat and Meetups

Want to chat with club members and other area photographers? Looking for people to go out shooting with? Then you've come to the right place! Our Discord server is a virtual meeting place open to all area photographers with private areas just for club members.

The best way to use it is to get the Discord app on your smartphone. Use the invite link or tap/click "Connect" on the small widget and follow the prompts to get set up. You can use the large widget to chat right from this page but only public channels work, even if you are logged in.

Real names are preferred, especially for members so we recognize each other. When you first join, please let an admin or moderator know who you are either in the channel or by private message so we can assign you the "Photographer" role and, if you are a club member, the "LACC Member" role. These roles control which channels you can see and you need at least "Photographer" to see any of the private channels.

Need help? Check out the handbook page for Discord help. If you still have questions, just ask!


Note: Only public channels are shown here. Most conversation takes place in the private channels you can access once logged in.