The North Central Camera Club Council (N4C)

The N4C logo with their name written out on the right.

The N4C is an organization of about 40 camera clubs in the North Central States area of the United States of America. Individuals are encouraged to join one of the affiliated camera clubs in their area thereby qualifying as a member of N4C and eligible to participate in contests and activities of the Council. It was formed in 1955 and we have been a member since 1974.

The annual N4C convention is hosted by a member camera club each year. All club members are encouraged to attend. We last hosted in 2010.

They publish a monthly bulletin that can be found in their N4C News Bulletin archives. A link to the latest is sent out on our club mailing list.

They have various competitions and contests throughout the year. For the monthly image contests, we submit images that did well in our previous month's competitions. We also judge the competitions a couple times each year. And, starting in July 2021, we are participating in the website contest.

You can find out more about them on the N4C website.

Coming soon to this page: Lists of which photos were entered and the results.