November 12, 2019 Meeting

Fundamentals: Shooting for the Park & Rec
The La Crosse Park & Rec department has several events throughout the year where we provide photography in exchange for our use of the Neighborhood Center. Learn how you can help!

Main program: Competition results
Get a Photoshop Elements tip from Sue followed by the competition results viewing. This month's categories are: Open (challenge: transportation), creative, nature, and color prints.

Miss this event? Here's a recap:


Paul Schoenfeld presented on photographing Park & Rec. He gave tips on photographing the events, explained how photographing these events is important to both the Park & Rec and us as it enables us to use the meeting space for free, and listed upcoming events.

Business meeting:

  • John Z. - Gave the treasurer's report. Payment to Sue for gift certs for judging.
  • Michelle - Talked about scanning and asked for volunteers to type up old documents
  • Dave - Field trip report. Rotary lights. Next after that will be the Galena trip in the spring.
  • Sue - Put out a request for judges for January and May.
  • John M. - Will start sending out the N4C newsletter. We are starting back up with entering the N4C competitions. Discussed the Ugly Sweater race photography.
  • Cyndy - Talked about judging N4C and asked for volunteers for the judging.
  • Kathy - No updates on the mentor program. It is working fine.

Main program:

  • Photoshop Elements Tip by Sue - Fixing color cast.
  • Competition results
Tue, Nov 12, 2019 at 6:30-9pm
Event type: Meeting
Alerts: None


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