Leadership Team November 2020

Leadership team meeting.

Miss this event? Here's a recap:

Meeting started at 6:40. 8 people in attendance.

Oktoberfest photo contest review

  • Could use more variety in types of judges. Two of them were portrait photographers this time.
  • Judging procedure needs to be better defined.
  • Need to start earlier than 6, especially once prints are back in. Need at least 5 hours.
  • Need to start work on the whole contest sooner to ensure all the materials have the kinks worked out and the advertising is out sooner. Consider starting advertising on August 1.
  • Too many entries were allowed per person (fewer than 12).
  • Need to work on prizes. Certificate or plaque for the top winners. Possibly give LACC membership to student winners.
  • Notify teachers in the spring and find out how best to contact them in the fall.

Actions from last meeting

  • Website training Sometime later in November
  • John M. Mailchimp training done.
  • Email N4C newsletters working. Still waiting on sending monthly results.
  • Upcoming shoots Rotary lights. Look into getting on the roof of the Radisson.
  • Improving mentorships. Add forum. Notify mentors of new questions.

Program discussion

  • Need to fill in Nov 24. Discussed whether we are willing to pay a professional that offers a program. Team was in favor. Brian will follow up.

Virtual meetings

  • Zoom license has been purchased.
  • Brian sends info for each meeting.
  • Add info about zoom meetings under membership
  • Attendance is down with the virtual meetings. Should we do a survey on why? Team is ok with it. Brian will follow up.
  • Include phone number to call in to zoom in emails and also put on website.

Competition update

  • No issues.


  • Dues collection changed to go to Danette
  • Need to make a members export for John & Sue.
  • Add a note to the form to remind people to have their contact info updated.
  • Approval for Smugmug account for event photos.
  • Bylaws revision meeting moved to December.
  • Next leadership meeting after Bylaws are done. Date TBD. Likely January.
Tue, Nov 3, 2020 at 6:30-8:30pm
Event type: Committee
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