October 13, 2020 Meeting

Fundamentals: F/stop, shutter speed, and ISO basics
Learn how to work the exposure triangle for a well exposed photo.

Main program: Competition results and PSE tips
Get a Photoshop Elements tip from Sue followed by the competition results viewing. This month's categories are: People, Creative, Open, and Black & White prints

Miss this event? Here's a recap:

36 people in attendance.
Started off with some socializing and making sure everyone was set up properly for the meeting.
Meeting started at 6:40 PM

Fundamentals program by Dave on F/stop, shutter speed, and ISO basics

Business meeting

  • Brian: Oktoberfest results are up. Thanks to Sue for stepping in when the judging chair had to isolate due to covid.
  • Danette: Membership update. Not a lot of new members.
  • Michelle: Website is being updated on a regular basis. Keep an eye on the news section for updates.
  • Dave: No new field trips. Rotary lights coming up after Thanksgiving.
  • No park & rec updates.
  • Jerry W: Judging went very well with being able to stay safe.
  • John M. N4C: Entries went out to their digital pictorial (our open), nature, digital altered competitions. Our entries came from the May competition. Next month our October will be submitted. New newsletter is available but some difficulties getting it out to the club.
  • Kathy: Working on ways to make mentoring work during the pandemic. Feel free to reach out to the mentors via their contact forms if you have questions.
  • Next meeting: Jerry will demonstrate his wizardry. Workshop in the works to try out these tricks. Austin Miller on HDR. 
  • John: Treasurer report. Payments for judging and to the church for judging location and for N4C/PSA dues.

PSE tip skipped due to technical difficulties.

Main program 

  • Discussion on how to handle voting acceptance. It was decided to use the "raise hand" option.
  • Presentation of the images with commenting by the judges.
Tue, Oct 13, 2020 6:30-9pm
Event type: Meeting
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