February 23, 2021 Meeting

Fundamentals: Video: Minimalist Photography
Main program: George Neill will provide a presentation based on his two photographic focused trips to India.  He will present many photographs and describe the culture and the photographic adventures encountered.  Many of you saw George's excellent presentation on Mongolia last year.  This too is one not to be missed.

Miss this event? Here's a recap:

32 people were in attendance with the meeting starting at 6:35.

Pre meeting chat discussed where to get panoramic issues printed. AB Images was suggested. https://www.abimages.net/index.html

The fundamentals meeting was a video on Minimalist Photography by Judy Hancock Holland from June 2019.

Business meeting:

  • Website has some content updates. No new features.
  • Dave on Maiden's Rock ice sculptures
  • No polar plunge this year.
  • Looking for judges for March and May. March got taken by Cyndy. May still up for grabs.
  • Idea for challenge category: Minimal
  • N4C judging in April. Will be done online. Looking for judges. Date TBD.
  • HDR workshop tomorrow at Riverside Park.
  • Next meeting. Smartphone apps & competition results.

Main program - India Photo / Travel Workshops. Rajasthan 2014 / Agra/Varanasi 2016

Tue, Feb 23, 2021 at 6:30-9pm
Event type: Meeting
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