March 9, 2021 Meeting

Taking a photo of food with smartphone. Photo by Eaters Collective on Unsplash

Fundamentals: Smart phone apps
Modern smartphone cameras are getting better and better all the time. Learn how to make the most of the camera you always have with you.

Main program: Competition results and PSE tips
Get a Photoshop Elements tip from Sue followed by the competition results viewing.

This month's categories are: People, Nature (Challenge: Leaves), Open, and Color prints

Miss this event? Here's a recap:

The meeting started at 6:35 with 30 participants. We reached a high of 37 participants during the business meeting.

For the fundamentals program, Brian demonstrated a couple of his favorite photography apps. 

  • Photopills (Apple and Android): This has many functions related to astronomy such as to tell you when the golden hour is, when the moon will rise, and when you can see the galactice center. 
  • LExp - Long Exposure Calcs (Apple only): This can be used to calculate the direction of the sun hitting your location. It also has a calculator to help you get still stars when doing astrophotography.

Business meeting:

  • Treasurer report: Paid judging gift cards and church.
  • Membership report: Four new members.
  • Website report: Things in progress but nothing ready for use.
  • Photo ops: The ice is opening up and eagles are around. A few swans have shown up. St. Patrick's day parade in La Crosse.
  • Competition report: Need A judge for May. Need suggestions for challenge topics.
  • N4C report: Judging in April. Judging will be done virtually with a follow up meeting on the 18th. Two more judges were requested and found during the meeting.
  • HDR workshop part two was held. The third part will be a virtual workshop on post processing the images. May attend even if you didn't attend the shoot.
  • Need to find out if next meeting can be made virtual as it was intended to be a tour of The Studio. Also need new fundamental topic to replace the "questions about your camera" one that is intended to break into in person groups.

The photo hint was postponed due to time so we moved onto the main program which was the results of this month's competition.

Tue, Mar 9, 2021 at 6:30-9pm
Event type: Meeting
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This event is being held virtually over Zoom. Members check your email for the Zoom link. Guests, please contact us for a link to attend.

If you need help using Zoom, you can watch their training video.