May 10, 2022 Meeting

Gavel on a white background. Photo by Tingey Injury Law Firm on Unsplash

Pre-program: Elections & Club business
The election for the Executive Board will be held at the May 11th meeting.  All positions are up for re-election annually.  If you would like to nominate someone, or run for one of the positions yourself please contact Brian Narveson.  You will also have a chance to verbally nominate someone at the meeting.  Please verify the person is willing to serve before nominating them. The following positions are elected annually:

President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Director 1,  Director 2, and Judging Chair.

Main program: Competition results and PSE tips
Get a Photoshop Elements tip from Sue followed by the competition results viewing.

This month's categories are: Nature, Open, Creative (Wildflowers), Color Prints.

Miss this event? Here's a recap:

The meeting came to order at 6:36pm with 22 members present.


Election of the Executive Board followed by a vote on the rewritten bylaws.

Brian presented the list of candidates for the Executive Board:

  • President: Brian Narveson
  • VP: Austin Miller
  • Secretary: Michelle Cox
  • Treasurer: John Zoerb
  • Director 1: Terry Zalewski
  • Director 2: Kristi Olson
  • Judging Chair: Sue Retzlaff

A request was made for nominations from the floor. None were made. Brian asked for a second on the list of nominees and several people granted it. As all roles were running unopposed, the slate was presented as a whole. 24 members were present. 22 voted in favor. 2 abstained. Motion passed by majority vote.

Welcome to the returning officers and new VP Austin Miller. Thank you to Jerry W for serving as VP for the past couple of years. And a thank you to the current board for serving this past year.

The bylaws had been posted and a request for any suggested changes to be made in writing. Only one suggested change was made:

Article 6 section 3: Change "husband and wife" to "spouses". During the meeting, that was verbally amended to "partners" to be inclusive.

27 members present for the vote. 24 voted in favor of the rewritten bylaws including the proposed changed. 3 abstained. Motion passed by majority vote. The new bylaws will take effect in the 2021-2022 camera club year.

Business meeting:

  • Treasurer report: Expenses and balance given.
  • Website report: The N4C Video Essay contest is open. Details on the website. Also, the latest update broke user profiles so hold off on making any changes until the all clear is given. Also Mailchimp is deleting contacts and we are working on figuring that out.
  • Photo outings: No updates.
  • Volunteer event update: Looking into whether we are going to photograph the Solar Plunge that replaced the Polar Plunge this year.
  • N4C update: We judged last month and we are not able to enter when we judged so there were no entries from our club for April. Thank you to Cyndy for running the judging.
  • Oktoberfest photo contest: Hoping to have the first committee meeting in July. Volunteers needed for the committee.
  • Summer program: Proposal made by Steve but he was not able to attend the meeting to discuss so further information will come by email.
  • May workshop: Was going to be a milky way shoot but that is not going to work out so it will be scheduled in June.
  • Next meeting: Meet at the International Gardens in Riverside park. Start with a flower shoot in the garden and then branch out to a downtown photo walk. Looking for someone to lead the walk. Contact Brian if interested.
  • First meeting of next year: Tentatively planned to be a picnic instead of having a picnic over the summer. Details TBD.
  • Member topic: John McCormick created a Facebook page for Hotrods and Harleys that lists all the local car shows so is a good source if you like to shoot cars and motorcycles.
  • Member topic: Mary Ann brought up the free Lightroom app
  • Suggestions wanted: The Leadership Team will be meeting in June to make the schedule for next year. We are looking for ideas on program subjects and presenters, including presenters from outside of the club. Please send any suggestions to the leadership team.

Main program:

  • PSE hint by Sue.
  • Sharing of this month's competition results.

Final note by John Z.: Be sure to pick up your prints, especially now so they don't get mixed in with EOY prints. The garage is open until 4pm or they can be left between the doors on the house. If you have any issues, call John.

Final note by Brian N.: Thanks to everyone for participation this year, especially in light of all the problems due to the pandemic and lack of in person meetings.

Tue, May 10, 2022 6:30-8:30pm
Event type: Meeting
Alerts: None
Presenter (Fundamentals) : Brian Narveson Presenter (Main program) : Sue Retzlaff
Black River Beach Neighborhood Center

1433 Rose St
La Crosse, WI
United States

43.843527, -91.249289