May 24, 2022 Meeting

The bridges taken from Riverside Park at sunset.
Image by Michelle Cox
May 25, 2021 Meeting

Flower shoot at the International Gardens followed by a photo walk in Downtown La Crosse

Fundamentals: None
Main program: Flower shoot and downtown photo walk
We will all meet at the International Gardens in Riverside Park at 6:30 PM for a flower shoot and downtown photo walk. Brian will lead the flower shoot and Austin Miller will lead the photo walk on the river front and downtown about 7:15.  Austin has chosen some location and photo challenges for several spots.  He will assist in your success with the challenges.  The walk will last about 1 hour.  Bring your camera, your favorite flower lens, and a medium range zoom lens for the walk. Tripod is optional. Both Brian and Austin will be glad to provide assistance.

Tue, May 24, 2022 at 6:30-9:30pm
Event type: Meeting
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Riverside International Friendship Gardens

405 East Veterans Memorial Drive
La Crosse, WI
United States

The Riverside International Friendship Gardens is a collection of public gardens celebrating La Crosse’s sister-city relationships with communities in China, Germany, France, Russia, Norway and Ireland. It is open daily whenever Riverside Park is open. No admission is charged, but donations are welcome. The gardens feature a variety of flowers, a pond, sculptures, and more.

43.818090421851, -91.254898235443