Myrick Park

Wide view of Myrick Park Marsh and bluff with an oncoming storm.
Myrick Park Marsh by Michelle Cox
Myrick Park
Swan in marsh by Myrick Park.

Myrick Park sits right on the marsh in the middle of La Crosse. From here the trails lead as far as you'd want to go with lots to see on the way including muskrats galore, turtles, and birds. The trails are mostly flat and well maintained which makes for an easy walk though you do need to watch out if there's been heavy rains or in early spring when everything is melting. You can see the Marsh Loop Trail and how it connects to the other trails in the area on this trail map.

In the park itself there is Kids Coulee, a giant playground, that can be a fun place to photograph your kids. There's the Myrick Park Center which has nature programs among other things (like restrooms). There's also shelters you can rent.



For the most convenient trail access, you'll want to come down the hill and there is a small parking lot to the right of the Center's parking lot.

43.822307865241, -91.22583405

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Location details
789 Myrick Park Drive
La Crosse, WI

Fees and hours subject to change. Call or check the location's website for the latest.

Free: Yes
Tags: marsh, trails, birds
Best during:
  • Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall
  • Dawn, Morning, Evening, Dusk
Restrooms: Permanent, Permanent (limited hours)
Parking: Onsite lot

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