2020 May Competition - A Nature

Category: Nature

The nature category is strictly photos of the natural world untouched by the hand of man. There should be no signs of humanity's influence in the photo. Some frequent 'gotchas' that are off limits in nature photos: contrails, domesticated flowers, zoo animals, small bits of litter, cut grass, sawed wood. Exceptions include bird bands or other wildlife tags or monitoring devices.

Photos must not be altered beyond basic exposure and color correction and cropping. Removing or adding anything in the photo (aside from items on the edge removed via cropping) is not allowed.

Subcategory: Sunrise & sunset

This is a challenge/assigned subject. Images must have been taken after May 14, 2019.

Photos should have a theme of sunrise or sunset.

Gallery is available
May 3 05:00pm
May 10 04:00pm
May 12 06:30pm

This competition has been judged and shown at the meeting. You can see the results in the gallery below