This is a list of our volunteer mentors: what they shoot with, what they specialize in, and the program they use for post processing. Seek them out at our club meetings. They are willing to work one on one or in groups of 5 or less. Any tutorial activities will be posted here.

Current Mentors

Brian N: Canon, iPhone. People, Landscape, Macro, Celestial, Portrait. Lightroom and Elements

Curt M: Canon. Sports, Landscape, Action. Lightroom

Debbie A: Canon. People/Portraits, Waterfalls. Photoshop

Dan M: Nikon D5200/D7200. Nature, Architecture, People. Lightroom

Jerry B: Canon. Night, Abstract. Coral Paint Shop Pro

Michael H Nikon. People, Macro, Landscape, Nature. Lightroom

George N: Fujifilm X-T1, X-20. Travel, Family Portraits, Off Camera Flash

Peder S: Canon, SonyA6000. Nature, Macro. Lightroom

Mentoring Activities

No activities listed currently. Please check back later or contact one of the mentors above as not all activities are listed here.