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Monthly Competition

October through May we have a monthly competition. Members who are current in their dues may submit their photos to a panel of three judges, who are also members, and have their work critiqued and ranked. The judging takes place on Sunday before the meeting and the results are shown at the meeting.

While structured as a competition with places given, the focus is on having others critique your work and give you ideas on how you may improve it. By submitting your photos you will get feedback from an impartial audience which can tell you more about how you are doing than the typical response from friends and family.

Each competition is divided into categories. Within each category, Group A and Group B are judged separately. All entries that "place" (have acceptance or higher) go into the Year End Competition.


Because not everyone is at the same skill level, the photo competitions are divided into two groups: A (for Advanced) and B (for Beginner). New members can choose which group they feel they belong in. There are no special requirements to be in group A, but you will be judged against experienced photographers.

You remain in the same group for the entire club year. Any changes to groups happen after the last competition of the club year and before the first competition of the following club year.

Any person in group B that has earned 50 monthly competition points and gets first place in any category during the Year End competition will automatically be placed in group A the following year. Occasionally, someone will win with a "lucky photo" and not be ready to move to group A. If that happens, you can request to remain in group B.

Year End

In June of each year we have the Year End Competition. Any photo that placed with acceptance or higher during the year is automatically entered into this competition, including images that were voted in for acceptance by the membership. Three judges from outside the club will re-judge all the photos for this final competition. The results are shown at the Year End Banquet, usually the first Sunday in June. Plaques are awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places and certificates for honorable mentions.