Website update October 26, 2020

Spider web on blue Image by Joni Welda

This is actually two updates worth of news because I missed adding a post the last time. Whoops!


  • Competition Gallery: There's a new menu item under Competitions that takes you to the master gallery. This shows images across all the competitions and lets you filter by date and place. You can still view individual competition galleries on the corresponding competition page.
  • Competition Entry Management: Now you can manage your competition entries all in one place instead of having to go to each competition section. You must be logged in to use this feature. You can find it under the Competitions menu.


  • The event pages have had a bit of a makeover and you can now see the volunteers as well as the recap, if any.
  • A list of event recaps can now be found all in one place on the Event Recaps page found under the Events menu.


  • I added the structure needed to be able to add more images to the site and put out a call for images but I haven't yet added the images. That's coming. :)

As usual, there's lots of small fixes as well.