Website update September 20, 2020

You might have noticed things look a little different around here. Under the hood, they look even more different. There's been lots of changes and new bugs introduced. I'll get on fixing those and then it's on to more features.

An incomplete list of changes because I suck at writing them down:

  • Refactored the theme to use the base from Mediacurrent (where I work). This one is only of interest to the geeks out there but it's what took the majority of the 75+ hours I spent on this site this month. That was one whopper of a refactor! Unfortunately, it's the source of the majority of the bugs as well so I have some things left I need to fix before I can move on to new features.
  • Added a news section! Yes, I can finally post those things people have been asking me to post. I'm not going to bother bringing over all the news from the old site since it's so outdated but I might cherry pick some things of historical interest.
  • Redid the mentoring section. I think it looks much better, now. I didn't get an image from Kathy in time for the header image so it's just a blue box right now but will hopefully get one up there soon. I know it's missing the contact links... That's one of the bugs.
  • And speaking of header images, I now have the ability to add them to all the landing pages so you'll see more of them coming in as I find images that will work. I'm also going to be putting out a call for images with details on what I need and sizes and all that.
  • Got a start on the front page. There's more that will be added there but it's better than the lame message that was there before.
  • Much better mobile experience. You can actually log in from mobile, now!
  • Lots of little improvements and tweaks. I'm always working to make the site look better. I'm a back end developer so making things pretty isn't my forte but I think it's not half bad even so. :)

There is still a lot more on my to do list. I have so many features planned that I had to get a Jira account to track them all! So stay tuned for more goodies to come.