Zoom resumed, competition image size change, and N4C news

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Note: This message was also sent to the email list. Private information such as email addresses and phone numbers are removed from the web posting.

After the last email, we had a couple members respond that they are unable to make the meetings in person due to health issues. Because of this, we have decided to continue offering a Zoom option during normal meetings. We will not be broadcasting the first meeting as it is a picnic but will start again for the second meeting.

Competition image size
We are getting a new projector that is 1920x1080 so I have changed the accepted image size on the website to match. While the site will automatically shrink images that are too big, it will not automatically enlarge them, so be sure you are sending images at 1920x1080 to take full advantage of this resolution. This also is important because it matches us up with expectations for the N4C contests.

N4C Updates
We are now entering 6 of the N4C contests each month:

  • Journalism
  • Nature
  • Travel
  • Pictorial
  • Black & White
  • Altered Reality

These are selected from our previous monthly competitions by the N4C Submission Coordinator. This year, that position is being filled by Debbie Hanson. Thanks to Debbie for expanding our club's chances to place in the contests.

The N4C September 2022 News Bulletin is available.

The N4C convention is coming up in a couple weeks:

  • 64th Annual N4C Convention
  • September 22-25 in Duluth, MN
  • Late registration (9/1 to 9/17): $170/member
  • Additional day field trips: $55/field trip per member
  • We are past the date (8/23) to get room discounts
  • Register here

Members can have their name and website listed on N4C. If anyone is interested, contact Debbie and she will collect names and URLs to submit to N4C.