Daily Challenges

We are not currently doing daily challenges. You can still add images to the old challenges if you'd like.

The Daily Challenge has one theme for each day of the month but the photos do not have to be taken on the day listed. Think of it as a "scavenger hunt" for the month. See how many you can get! Of course, you can always try to take them on the designated day for an extra challenge.


  • Images should be taken during the challenge period to make it a challenge but the old challenges are currently being left open as this is a new feature in case people want to go back and try the previous ones.
  • Only club members can upload to the gallery but anyone in the Facebook group can share in the group using the provided hashtags.
  • You may submit as many photos as you'd like and the same image can be both uploaded to the member gallery and shared on Facebook.
  • To avoid any possibility of influencing competition judging, images submitted as challenges should not be submitted to competition during the same club year.

To add an image to the challenge, make sure you are logged in and click "Add image".



No challenges here, yet.


Green tennis ball.
September 20 - Round
Challenge period: through

Look round and round for something round.

Stacked rings on white background.
September 19 - Jewelry
Challenge period: through

It's Talk Like a Pirate Day and pirates love their loot. So open up your treasure box (or jewelry box) and and photograph something pretty.

A pile of red apples.
September 18 - Apples
Challenge period: through

Celebrate International Eat An Apple Day and don't forget to photograph the yummy treat!

Construction equipment on the side of a road.
September 17 - Construction
Challenge period: through

We are almost at the end of construction season in Wisconsin but there's still plenty going on until the snow starts flying. Can you turn that frequent source of annoyance into an interesting photo?

Empty bottle with cork on the right of a grey background.
September 16 - Bottles
Challenge period: through

Baby bottles, soda bottles, even a bottle of booze. Bottles can be a challenge to photograph so now's the time to try out different lighting techniques.

Baby feet showing out of white sheet.
September 15 - Part of the body
Challenge period: through

Get in nice and close and make a portrait that includes just part of the body. Please remember this is a family friendly site when choosing which part. :)

A view down a rusty train bridge.
September 14 - Rusty
Challenge period: through

What's been sitting around gathering rust while waiting for you to photograph it?

Brown eggs in a crate shot from above.
September 13 - Starts with E
Challenge period: through

What can you think of that starts with E?

An older person holding the hand of a younger person.
September 12 - Grandparents
Challenge period: through

If you are lucky enough to have your grandparents and celebrate Grandparents Day with them, be sure to take a photo. Or take a photo of something that reminds you of your grandparents.

Closeup of caramel apples with nuts.
September 11 - Dessert
Challenge period: through

Pumpkin spice season is upon us along with caramel apples and other tasty treats. What's your favorite fall dessert?

Water drops on brown background
September 10 - Brown
Challenge period: through

The leaves have not yet turned brown but there are plenty of other brown things. What can you find to photograph that is brown?

Teddy bear in a field.
September 09 - Stuffed animal
Challenge period: through

In honor of Teddy Bear Day, grab your favorite stuffy and photograph it.

Close up of a board game.
September 08 - Cards and board games
Challenge period: through

Time to have a family game day! Or at least pull out those games and assess them for their photographic potential.

A pile of colorful gourds.
September 07 - Gourds
Challenge period: through

Celebrate National Acorn Squash Day with your favorite squash and other gourds.

Pile of old books.
September 06 - Books
Challenge period: through

It's National Read a Book Day. So curl up with your favorite photography book and then photograph some.

Colorful small rocks.
September 05 - Rocks
Challenge period: through

Do you have a pet rock? Well, it's your pet's day today. Take a photo of it being cute. Or just some pretty rocks if you don't have a pet one.

Baby raccoon on grass.
September 04 - Wildlife
Challenge period: through

Celebrate National Wildlife Day by shooting some... With your camera!

Red jerseys on college football players.
September 03 - College Colors
Challenge period: through

It's College Colors Day. Photograph your favorite college jersey or just something that matches the colors.

Pile of sprinkles.
September 02 - Starts with S
Challenge period: through

Just like the month, your subject should start with S.

Fountain pen on a spiral notebook.
September 01 - Writing implements
Challenge period: through

The kids are loading up their supplies to go back to school and it's also National Letter Writing Day. So take out those pens, pencils, paper, and other paraphernalia and take some photos while you write some letters or do some homework.

Colorful small rocks.
June 30 - Rocks
Challenge period: through

It's International Asteroid Day so let's shoot some rocks. While they probably were never part of an asteroid, rocks are rocks, right?

Photography gear and laptop all laid out and shot from above.
June 29 - Photography gear
Challenge period: through

Happy National Camera Day! Shoot what you shoot with. Since not everyone has multiple cameras, any gear will work as a subject.

Arms holding cup of tea and place in book with breakfast bowl in the middle.
June 28 - Morning routine
Challenge period: through

Shake off the Monday Morning Blues and photograph something that represents your routine. Work out clothes? A steaming cup of coffee? A big breakfast? Whatever gets you going in the morning.

Alley with garbage cans on the side and power poles ahead.
June 27 - Alleys
Challenge period: through

Downtown La Crosse has quite a few cool alleys. Wander on down and see what there is to shoot.

Red and white tulips shot from down low against the sky.
June 26 - Flowers
Challenge period: through

Take time to stop and smell the flowers. And photograph them.

Dog in yellow sweater turned away but looking back at the camera.
June 25 - Pets
Challenge period: through

It's National Take Your Dog to Work Day so you may have an office full of pets to choose from. If not, find a pet wherever you can.

Backyard with chairs and umbrella and pool surrounded by greenery.
June 24 - In your yard
Challenge period: through

No need to leave home for this one. Just venture outside your door and shoot what's there.

Bright blue water taken from above.
June 23 - Water
Challenge period: through

Make sure to drink plenty of water on National Hydration Day and photograph it, too. Or any other water; your subject doesn't need to be potable.

Two escalators next to steps with purple lighting.
June 22 - Starts with E
Challenge period: through

Whatever subject you like, as long as it starts with "E".

Person taking a self portrait by shooting reflection.
June 21 - Self Portrait
Challenge period: through

It may be National Selfie Day but we are photographers and can take that one step further to a self portrait. Pop the camera on the tripod, grab a remote, and make yourself a star! Don't forget to upload your new work of art into your profile on the club's website. :)

Three rows of ties with gold balloons spelling DAD on top.
June 20 - Fathers Day
Challenge period: through

It's Father's Day. If you have a father in your life, this would be a great time to get a photo. Otherwise, how about some ties or maybe a fishing pole? Or whatever makes you think "Dad".

Three sticks of marshmallows toasting over a log fire on the beach.
June 19 - Marshmallows
Challenge period: through

It's the perfect time of year to roast marshmallows for your s'mores. Make sure you get some photos before you eat them and don't get your camera sticky!

A group of sailboats on the water at sunset.
June 18 - Boats
Challenge period: through

It's National Go Fishing Day. Have a boat? Take a photo before you head out to fish. Don't have a boat? There's always plenty going up and down the river just waiting to be photographed.

Colorful vegetables shot from above.
June 17 - Vegetables
Challenge period: through

Celebrate National Eat Your Vegetables Day by photographing your vegetables before you eat them.

White picket fence closeup with purple flowers over part.
June 16 - Fences
Challenge period: through

They say good fences make good neighbors. They also can make great photographs if you find the right one.

Bottles of nail polish.
June 15 - Starts with N
Challenge period: through

Whatever subject you like, as long as it starts with "N". It's also Nature Photography Day which conveniently starts with "N" as well.

Closeup of American flag flying.
June 14 - Flags
Challenge period: through

It's Flag Day so let's get some photos of Old Glory. Or any other flag you'd like.

Close up of picnic food including corn and meat and salad.
June 13 - Picnic food
Challenge period: through

Having a summer picnic today? Don't forget to grab some shots of the food! Hamburgers, potato salad, corn on the cob... Yum!

Sunset on a beach.
June 12 - At the Beach
Challenge period: through

It's a good day to head to the beach and get some photos and a swim. Just not at the same time unless your camera is waterproof!

Looking down a wooden bridge over a river in a forest.
June 11 - Leading lines
Challenge period: through

Leading lines are a staple of photography. What interesting ones can you find?

View of city from a helicopter at the end of sunset.
June 10 - View from up high
Challenge period: through

We have plenty of high places to photograph from here in the Coulee Region. And by total coincidence, this is the day the Summer Meet-Up Group is heading to the top of Grandad's Bluff for a shoot. That would be a great place to shoot from.

A group of open yellow umbrellas photographed from above.
June 09 - Yellow
Challenge period: through

It's International Dark 'n Stormy® Day but let's hope there's no yellow skies to photograph. Maybe some nice flowers. Or a banana.

Ukelele lying on the ground.
June 08 - Starts with U
Challenge period: through

Whatever subject you like, as long as it starts with "U".

Bubbles in an orange liquid.
June 07 - Bubbles
Challenge period: through

Who doesn't love bubbles? Grab a kid to blow them for you or blow them yourself.

Gloved hand planting seedlings in the dirt.
June 06 - In the Garden
Challenge period: through

Happy National Gardening Exercise Day! While you're working in the garden, get some photos. Don't have a garden? Riverside Park has a beautiful one for you to enjoy.

Carnival rides with a slow exposure at night.
June 05 - Festivals
Challenge period: through

Let's get festive! This area is full of festivals so head down to one and get some shots. Hint: June Dairy Days is this weekend.

Stacks of men's hats on shelves.
June 04 - Hats
Challenge period: through

Hats off to hats! Grab your favorite head coverings and make a photo. Heads are optional.

Brown eggs in a crate shot from above.
June 03 - Eggs
Challenge period: through

Celebrate National Egg Day by photographing your eggs. Cooked on a plate, still in the shell, however you like.

Laptop on table and arms positioned to indicate frustration.
June 02 - Work Related
Challenge period: through

It's National Leave the Office Early Day. Take a photo related to your job before you head out. If you are not currently employed, you can use a photo of a household chore or whatever you consider "work".

Jar terrarium
June 01 - Starts with J
Challenge period: through

Whatever subject you like, as long as it starts with "J".

A pile of gummy worms on white.
July 15 - Candy
Challenge period: through

It's National Gummi Worm Day so let's get out some sweet treats and get some sweet photos before eating them.

Wall filled with old tools.
July 14 - Tools
Challenge period: through

Celebrate National Tape Measure Day by photographing some tools.

Cow backlit by the sun.
July 13 - Cows
Challenge period: through

Today is national Cow Appreciate Day. Show your appreciation by photographing some and then going to get ice cream.

Face covered by material with only the eyes showing.
July 12 - Eyes
Challenge period: through

It's National Different Colored Eyes Day but that is a bit too challenging for most people. So matching eyes will work fine for this challenge.

3 panes of stained glass inside of a church.
July 11 - Churches
Challenge period: through

We have a plethora of churches around here and lots of them are photogenic inside and out.

Bored brown cat lying on a white blanket.
July 10 - Cats
Challenge period: through

Let's celebrate National Kitten Day by photographing cats. Big cats, small cats, happy cats, grumpy cats, any kind of cat!

Brick building with fire escape.
July 09 - Your Town
Challenge period: through

No need to go far for this one. Show us something interesting about the town you live in.

Game board with red, yellow, green, and blue pieces.
July 08 - Games
Challenge period: through

It's National Video Game Day but the old fashioned kind are more interesting to photograph.  Get out the board games or a pack of cards and have some fun while getting this challenge in.

Super closeup view of a yellow bee on red with a green background.
July 07 - Close up
Challenge period: through

Time to get up close and personal with your subject! If you have a macro lens, great, otherwise just get as close as you can. 

Red bridge surrounded by green trees.
July 06 - Bridges
Challenge period: through

Of course our area is famous for the Big Blue Bridges and those are fair game if you'd like. But why not explore and see what other interesting bridges you can find?

A room full of tall clocks in varying colors.
July 05 - Clocks
Challenge period: through

Watching the clock can be stressful unless you are photographing an interesting one.

American flag.
July 04 - Patriotic
Challenge period: through

Happy birthday America! What does patriotic look like to you?

Back of a person with a confetti blast going into the sky.
July 03 - Festive
Challenge period: through

This is the weekend for festivities so it shouldn't be too much of a challenge to find something festive!

A question mark in white paint on a brick wall. There is a sign for Smith Street.
July 02 - UFO - Unidentified Found Object
Challenge period: through

It's World UFO Day but we thought photographing Unidentified Flying Objects was just a bit too much of a challenge. So this challenge is to photograph whatever you can find that you aren't quite sure what it is. And, if you happen to catch a spaceship, make sure you post it here before you sell it to the news!

Pile of Lego bricks in all different colors.
July 01 - Starts with L
Challenge period: through

We already had J and U last month so we're skipping right to L. Any subject you want, as long as it starts with an L.