Row of hand weights.
Photo by Dan Dennis on Unsplash

Challenge yourself to photograph every day and try new subjects and techniques.

Challenges are themes that run Monthly, Weekly, and Daily. There may also be one-off custom challenges in the future. The idea behind them is to push yourself to photograph often and try new things. They are not related to nor do they take the place of our monthly competitions.

You can view the images in each challenge by clicking the "View # images" button on the challenge. 


  • Images should be taken during the challenge period to make it a challenge but the old challenges are currently being left open as this is a new feature in case people want to go back and try the previous ones.
  • Only club members can upload to the gallery but anyone in the Facebook group can share in the group using the provided hashtags.
  • You may submit as many photos as you'd like and the same image can be both uploaded to the member gallery and shared on Facebook.
  • To avoid any possibility of influencing competition judging, images submitted as challenges should not be submitted to competition during the same club year.

To add an image to the challenge, make sure you are logged in and click "Add image".



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Daily challenges are open for the entire month and do not need to be done on the day listed.

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We are currently not doing daily challenges. You can still see the previous daily challenges.