Row of hand weights.
Photo by Dan Dennis on Unsplash

Challenge yourself to photograph every day and try new subjects and techniques.

Challenges are themes that run Monthly, Weekly, and Daily. There may also be one-off custom challenges in the future. The idea behind them is to push yourself to photograph often and try new things. They are not related to nor do they take the place of our monthly competitions.

You can view the images in each challenge by clicking the "View # images" button on the challenge. 


  • Images should be taken during the challenge period to make it a challenge but the old challenges are currently being left open as this is a new feature in case people want to go back and try the previous ones.
  • Only club members can upload to the gallery but anyone in the Facebook group can share in the group using the provided hashtags.
  • You may submit as many photos as you'd like and the same image can be both uploaded to the member gallery and shared on Facebook.
  • To avoid any possibility of influencing competition judging, images submitted as challenges should not be submitted to competition during the same club year.

To add an image to the challenge, make sure you are logged in and click "Add image".



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Apple on a pile of books with colored pencils and blocks to the side.
September - Back to School
Challenge period: through

The kids are back in school. This month, let's photograph things related to school and education.


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Football players in a tackle.
Week 4 - Sports and Action
Challenge period: through

September is the start of football but there's lots of other action as well. Nothing like a photograph to stop a moment in time that is over so quickly. 


Daily challenges are open for the entire month and do not need to be done on the day listed.

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Fountain pen on a spiral notebook.
September 01 - Writing implements
Challenge period: through

The kids are loading up their supplies to go back to school and it's also National Letter Writing Day. So take out those pens, pencils, paper, and other paraphernalia and take some photos while you write some letters or do some homework.

Pile of sprinkles.
September 02 - Starts with S
Challenge period: through

Just like the month, your subject should start with S.

Red jerseys on college football players.
September 03 - College Colors
Challenge period: through

It's College Colors Day. Photograph your favorite college jersey or just something that matches the colors.

Baby raccoon on grass.
September 04 - Wildlife
Challenge period: through

Celebrate National Wildlife Day by shooting some... With your camera!

Colorful small rocks.
September 05 - Rocks
Challenge period: through

Do you have a pet rock? Well, it's your pet's day today. Take a photo of it being cute. Or just some pretty rocks if you don't have a pet one.

Pile of old books.
September 06 - Books
Challenge period: through

It's National Read a Book Day. So curl up with your favorite photography book and then photograph some.

A pile of colorful gourds.
September 07 - Gourds
Challenge period: through

Celebrate National Acorn Squash Day with your favorite squash and other gourds.

Close up of a board game.
September 08 - Cards and board games
Challenge period: through

Time to have a family game day! Or at least pull out those games and assess them for their photographic potential.

Teddy bear in a field.
September 09 - Stuffed animal
Challenge period: through

In honor of Teddy Bear Day, grab your favorite stuffy and photograph it.

Water drops on brown background
September 10 - Brown
Challenge period: through

The leaves have not yet turned brown but there are plenty of other brown things. What can you find to photograph that is brown?

Closeup of caramel apples with nuts.
September 11 - Dessert
Challenge period: through

Pumpkin spice season is upon us along with caramel apples and other tasty treats. What's your favorite fall dessert?

An older person holding the hand of a younger person.
September 12 - Grandparents
Challenge period: through

If you are lucky enough to have your grandparents and celebrate Grandparents Day with them, be sure to take a photo. Or take a photo of something that reminds you of your grandparents.

Brown eggs in a crate shot from above.
September 13 - Starts with E
Challenge period: through

What can you think of that starts with E?

A view down a rusty train bridge.
September 14 - Rusty
Challenge period: through

What's been sitting around gathering rust while waiting for you to photograph it?

Baby feet showing out of white sheet.
September 15 - Part of the body
Challenge period: through

Get in nice and close and make a portrait that includes just part of the body. Please remember this is a family friendly site when choosing which part. :)

Empty bottle with cork on the right of a grey background.
September 16 - Bottles
Challenge period: through

Baby bottles, soda bottles, even a bottle of booze. Bottles can be a challenge to photograph so now's the time to try out different lighting techniques.

Construction equipment on the side of a road.
September 17 - Construction
Challenge period: through

We are almost at the end of construction season in Wisconsin but there's still plenty going on until the snow starts flying. Can you turn that frequent source of annoyance into an interesting photo?

A pile of red apples.
September 18 - Apples
Challenge period: through

Celebrate International Eat An Apple Day and don't forget to photograph the yummy treat!

Stacked rings on white background.
September 19 - Jewelry
Challenge period: through

It's Talk Like a Pirate Day and pirates love their loot. So open up your treasure box (or jewelry box) and and photograph something pretty.

Green tennis ball.
September 20 - Round
Challenge period: through

Look round and round for something round.