Weekly Challenges

The Weekly Challenge has one theme that covers that week. The weekly themes tend to be based on photographic techniques or specific topics, sometimes related to calendar placement.


  • Images should be taken during the challenge period to make it a challenge but the old challenges are currently being left open as this is a new feature in case people want to go back and try the previous ones.
  • Only club members can upload to the gallery but anyone in the Facebook group can share in the group using the provided hashtags.
  • You may submit as many photos as you'd like and the same image can be both uploaded to the member gallery and shared on Facebook.
  • To avoid any possibility of influencing competition judging, images submitted as challenges should not be submitted to competition during the same club year.

To add an image to the challenge, make sure you are logged in and click "Add image".


No challenges here, yet.


Several lit carved pumpkins.
Week 9 - Halloween
Challenge period: through

It's Halloween week! Scary or fun, show us the sights of Halloween.

A structure surrounded by water.
Week 8 - Negative space
Challenge period: through

Many images fill the frame with the subject but the space around your subject is important as well. This blog post has some nice examples of the concept.

Fall color reflected in the water.
Week 7 - Reflections
Challenge period: through

Reflections can often be more interesting than that which is being reflected.

Flock of birds over pink and grey clouds.
Week 5 - Birds
Challenge period: through

It's migration time. Catch those winged visitors as they stop here to rest on their long journeys.

Football players in a tackle.
Week 4 - Sports and Action
Challenge period: through

September is the start of football but there's lots of other action as well. Nothing like a photograph to stop a moment in time that is over so quickly. 

Long exposure of a waterfall.
Week 3 - Long exposure
Challenge period: through

Using an ND filter or natural low light, let's slow those exposures down to interesting effect.

Plants in the golden glow of the setting sun.
Week 2 - Golden hour
Challenge period: through

Make the most of the most beautiful hour.

Red brick wall.
Week 1 - Patterns
Challenge period: through

Patterns in nature or man made patterns. 

A pile of colorful leaves.
Week 6 - Leaves
Challenge period: through

Capture that fall color before it's gone!

Blue and red fireworks on a black background.
Week 44 - Fireworks and sparklers
Challenge period: through

The skies are booming this week! And so are the neighborhoods. Time to capture some of those pretty lights in photographs. Note: Due to the timing of the fireworks displays not quite matching up to our week, we'll let ones from the Onalaska show on the 26th count for this as well.

Panorama of Scottish countryside at sunset.
Week 43 - Panorama
Challenge period: through

It's a beautiful time of year in the Coulee Region. Let's get some nice wide shots of that scenery.

Orange and brown butterfly on orange flower.
Week 42 - Insects
Challenge period: through

The bugs are out in full force! Take a break from spraying them and photograph some.

Week 41 - Shallow depth of field
Challenge period: through

How (shal)low can you go? Isolate those subjects with a creamy out of focus background.

Black and white flowers
Week 40 - Black and white
Challenge period: through

Spring is in the air and the world is bursting with color. So let's do something different and shoot black and white.