2021-2022 End of Year Results Gallery

Pile of honorable mention certificates.
Image by Michelle Cox
2021-2022 End of Year Results Gallery

Every year, images that were awarded a place (1st, 2nd, 3rd, HM, ACC) in our regular monthly competitions are entered into the End of Year Competition which is judged by three non-club member judges from the community. Images that were awarded a place in the End of Year Competition are shown in the gallery below.

In addition to the places in each category, the judges select a Photographer of the Year from each group and an Image of the Year from either group. This year, the winners are:

And the Image of the Year is: Three Trees in Fog by John Zoerb.

Competition entry: Three Trees in Fog

Congratulations to all!



  • An alternate list view is also available.
  • Due to the way categories are set up for the competitions, black and white and color prints are combined in this gallery but they were judged separately and each have their own set of places.
  • Click or tap on an image to see it larger along with information about the image. Press the play button in the popup to view all the images in a slideshow.
  • The points and judges comments are from the competition where the image was originally submitted.